What are the best things about a Toyota Prius Review

The Toyota Prius is one of the greatest cars it has lasted me over 300,000 miles it has taken me to places with the little bit of money it is a great car to travel with it has a  electric and gas motor so you ran out of gas you still run on electricity which is pretty neat for a car to do it's also a pretty  car.
The second thing about a Toyota Prius is the gas is always cheap on it because it takes 87 and I have also run on E85 but the guys would run out fast it's also an easy car to do maintenance on pretty easy to run because the oil filter it's on the bottom front and the oil drain it's on the bottom left. You can also remove the spark plugs very easy and to install new ones very easy as well the best thing to Toyota is that the dashboard it's touch screen making it easy to use and listen to music it's also pretty loud
The second best thing about a Toyota Prius is that it has a symbol so when  you get a flat tire. Again I'll wait for the 2020 release of the Toyota Prius to see all the best upgrades that they have Made to the car.
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