what do the rich fear by winenews

imagine living the life a normal life just the basic 9 to 5 job that you have
 and having to work everyday to supply the food you need and a roof over your head imagine having to struggle to support yourself to not be able to buy things you like to hold back because you have to buy your kids shoes clothes to be told what to do at work to stay without money for a whole week.
 now imagine that was your dream but in reality you rich right wouldn't that sound like a nightmare to you if you were rich having to wake up early get up for work not have enough money for food or gas being late on your rent or being late on your electricity bill getting a 24 hour notice all of these things on what rich people fear the most having to go completely broke I'm poor because most of the rich people are business owners and that is what keeps them rich and without a job their job is to Simply manage a company which they basically do in one hour of the day but for the rest of us who do not own company we must figure it out what type of job we want if not that whatever jobs available and it's because we are born poor and it's getting harder to get out of the cycle and a lot of this rich people will stay Rich Forever because their company supplies all the food and all the equipment we humans use by that means they will forever be rich and the rich will always fear to be poor being poor it's bad..
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