Will cash be replace by digital cash?

Will cash be replace by digital cash in the near future ?

Well yes i belive so because people are always looking for better ways to bank and
Save money and crpyto has been good to save money because you making money by saving but yeah only has so many bitcoin's with in block people losing there password accesse to there money it turn out bad. Because they're unable to recover their money are there be coin wallet if they lose their pass key andar wallet ID number so be bitcoin pretty soon it will be replaced by a new digital currency.
I think the United States will come out with the new currency new digital currency I will change the world and make everything better by 2022 but let's not forget the Facebook is already making its own cryptocurrency  Facebook crypto currency is now being used on Facebook but would that change the world's currency of course not I currently cannot be ruined by a social media burn requires a lot of people will use it to send money to the family members and other stuff.
What is the new thing to have that most people want most people want privacy untrackable money not to be run by Banks and be free for transactions and easy ways to pay people so you could be used I have their number one currency around the world it makes it way more safer an easy to keep track of so all we have to to do now is wait into the currency is release
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