4 cheap places to buy cloths in california.

Where in california is cheaps place to buy cloths if you are looking for cloths you looking at the right place
Here in california there many different store you can buy cloths

1 being fleet markets you can buy new cloths sold by benders inside the flees market
Very good cloths they  have brands name for half the price or less but the also mean you probably buy fake brands so you may have to know your brands logos

2 visit California's local liquidations you can buy  all the cloths Wal-Mart target or store were not able to sell at there store at there store
Many of them you have bet for box full of cloths or other can sell sigle piece but for the most part you buy sell you self think about the money you can make from this.

3 your local treft  stores many stores sell clothes and many other items  wedding dresses high quality used clothes for the most part are we close inside a treft store is used so the next you need cheap treft store very good idea .

4 donate for public donations Salvation Army The Helping Hand and many other useful public donation places that can help you if you are ever in need of clothes

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