American Rap is not evil there lying to you

American rap  is not evil is the opposite the world it's fucked  up in the head because they can relate to the music they're singing or they have been through some shit like that or they want to be just like what they  hear in the song   everybody wants to be a drug dealer and have lots of money and hoes that's just people's dreams fucked up.

It's like saying money evil but money is  not evil it's what you do with your money turns evil don't get brainwashed stay alive zone out if you have  don't ever believe what people tell you because they don't want to see you succeed they want to see you fail so they can overpower you and you can be looked down on. They can make you feel like you're useless if you let them but in all reality you could be right.
Today's music is all about drugs and money and hoes because a lot of  people just think about that all day long.

They make you hear it on the radio so you like it because they're living it and you're just dreaming at home thinking about how cool that is  maybe one day you'll be rich and buy a bunch of hookers and drugs so the music is not  evil is the person you're supporting or they're introducing you that's evil.

The world is turing cold and you being brainwash to be use you're pretty much a puppet to them because you're buying tickets to go see these artists they're completely brainwashing you to think that it's cool to smoke drink and do drugs and fuck hoes that's all they're doing you don't see it because to you it's a getaway it's called having fun but in all reality you're just being used by this artists 
You're pretty much a supporter of evil things they do which turns into a song they make for you hear  you can keep dreaming about those cool stuff.

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