Fortnite lightsaber 2020

Fortnite discharged lightsabers into the sport throughout the increase of Skywalker in-game event on Dec fifteen, 2019. For a restricted time, you will be ready to visit one in every of the lightsaber chest location within the game and choose one up. Here is a way to get a lightsaber in Fortnite.
To get a lightsaber in Fortnite, merely visit one in every of the blue chest locations that ar unfolded across the map. Fortnite lightsaber spawn locations are often found everywhere the map, and there isn’t one specific spot you will find one at.

The blue chests ar hidden everywhere the map rather like regular chests, however are often a touch harder to seek out. For starters, do not|they do not} sound sort of a regular chest and there don't appear to be as several spawns.

However, once you discover one, you will be ready to make a choice from completely different coloured lightsabers and become the Jedi (or Sith Lord) that you've got continuously unreal of being.

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