Gmail how to password change

We all understand somebody who’s gotten associate account hacked.

Whether it had been their social media account or their Gmail, there area unit ways in which you'll heighten your cyber security efforts to make sure your info is protected. additionally to victimisation multi-factor authentication, you'll additionally often modification your Gmail watchword.

Changing your Gmail watchword is straightforward, regardless if you’re doing thus on a desktop or the iPhone app. For steps on the way to do each, simply keep reading.

Need to modification your Gmail watchword on a particular device? Jump to:

Changing your Gmail watchword on a desktop
Changing your Gmail watchword on the iPhone app
How to modification your Gmail watchword
It’s vital that you just shrewdness to form a powerful watchword so nobody will hack your Gmail account and access all of your emails and private info. Once you perceive that, it’ll solely take some minutes to alter your Gmail watchword.

5 steps to alter your Gmail password:
Click the gear and opt for Settings
Click Accounts and Imports from the list at the highest
Click modification watchword
Enter your current watchword
Enter your new watchword doubly and click on modification watchword
Whether you’re ever-changing your Gmail watchword on your desktop or the Gmail app for iPhone, simply keep reading for a in small stages guide.

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On desktop
When you’re logged into Gmail on your desktop, click the gear icon within the upper-right corner and click on Settings.

Click Settings in Gmail

From the highest list of choices, click Accounts and Imports.

Click Accounts and Imports in Gmail

Next to alter account settings, choice modification watchword.

Click modification watchword in Gmail

Gmail can then open a brand new window. First, verify it’s you by typewriting in your current watchword. Then, click Next.Enter watchword in GmailEnter your new watchword in each of the specified fields. Note that it ought to be a minimum of eight characters long. once you’ve picked a brand new watchword, click modification watchword.

Change Gmail watchword
Your Google Account can then ensure your watchword has been modified.

Gmail watchword Confirmation
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On the iPhone app
Once within the iPhone Gmail app, faucet the 3 horizontal lines within the higher left-hand aspect of the screen and scroll to Settings.

Gmail Settings in iPhone App

Then, opt for the Gmail account you’d prefer to create changes to.

Choose Gmail Account

Under Account, choose Manage your Google Account.

Manage your Google Account

From the choices at the highest, scroll over to Security.

Security in Gmail iPhone App

Under language in to Google, choose watchword.

Update watchword in Gmail iPhone App

Just like on desktop, kind in your current watchword and click on Next.

Enter Gmail watchword in iPhone App
Next, you’ll be prompted to enter a brand new watchword. rather like on desktop, you’ll be told it ought to be a minimum of eight characters. Then choose modification watchword. You’ll then be shown a confirmation screen that your watchword was with success modified.

Change Gmail watchword in iPhone App
Change is for the higher
Whether you’re boosting your cyber security efforts or simply got to modification your Gmail watchword once giving it to somebody you shouldn’t have, doing thus is straightforward. simply certify you commit it to memory and keep it to yourself.
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