How to change a tire from a car?

How to change a tire from a car

1. The first thing you do to change the tire
is left the car with a Car jack .

The 2 step is to put the  e-break From the car
so the car does not Move.

3. You have to check if the car wheel move if it moves your a-break does not work from your car .

4 .you will need to make sure the is safe for you to remove the wheel shake the car if does not fall off the jack you are safe to remove the tire

5. Start by Remove the lugs nuts one by one after

6  grab your spare tire from the trunk or check under the car sometimes they have a spare under by the gas tank

7. Make sure the tire has air

8. check the spare tire fit your car .

9. Start putting the lugs nut on one by one

10 remove the car jack and e-break off the car
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