Iphone 11 pro review amazon

when you 1st hear the names of Apple's new iPhones -- the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 professional and iPhone eleven professional gamma hydroxybutyrate -- you will have some queries. Where's the iPhone X ($899 at Amazon)? And what makes the iPhone professional... Pro? What happened to last year's XS and XS gamma hydroxybutyrate ($1,000 at Amazon)? This year's new phones area unit polished sequels (literally and figuratively) to the 3 we have a tendency to got last year. for a few individuals the iPhone eleven simply must be higher than the XS. And it so is. except for others, it's nice to grasp wherever Apple stands within the larger landscape of phones. There area unit wild 5G speeds on the horizon, and outlandish and big-ticket collapsable phones like Samsung's Galaxy Fold. so there is the costlier $799 Google picture element four, that truly makes the $699 iPhone 11 appear as if an excellent higher worth