God is Real Yes 100% here is why ? Review

Is God really real does he really exist everyone around the world speaks and talks about a god the god that created us many different cultures have many different gods.
People pray and pray but sometimes have no answers even some people start to lose faith in God but let me tell you one thing I believe god is real. This is why because the world seen to be made by someone and just like all the inventions the light was the first thing that made you believe and other inventions by that being said God is a spiritual being the light the first invention
 God created all these people many different colors in many different cultures so you can pick what you want to live by the thing about living it's not to be good but to be able to make it. Because the world is build by the code  cause and effect
The cause of living is what you are living by the effect what will you be going thru but it's all up to you whether you want to make it happy or whether you want to make it ugly it's simple you can do things mad or you can do things happy that is the cause and effect.

Remmeber You build your own  future you may ask how is that cause and effect doesn't always mean your cause is going to have an effect your effect can be good. Your cause can be you went to college and you graduated as a great inventor and now you invented something amazing that is your effect it's good by that being said some times the bad turns good . .

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