The Federal Bank closing Bitcoin 2020

The federal bank collapse   a virus to the economy
Yes you got the right china build a virus call bitcoin put it into  the
Economy to control the money around the world
If you invested bitcoin you will find out the bitcoin was build in china
All equipment for mining bitcoin is build in china who do you think support bitcoin china yes china want to control all money
But they most get shutdown because we can't let china controlled all the money in the world,
Here is why Because if you let bitcoin's be the world currency them you will be controlled by china is not one of the best ideas.
Knowing china is try hard to be the  world leader .

The Federal bank is not having it so they will make banks collapse this year in 2020 to shutdown bitcoin high value currency to blow 500$ to teach china who is still in control the world leader had Secret meeting
In November call the b.v.c the bitcoin virus cash.

So if you own bitcoin I would sell now befor it drops even more when from 10k to 6k In less than a month 4k loss.
Save my page for the next update on bitcoin closing.
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