Top 10 Reason to trade stock with robinhood

  10 Reason to trade stock with robinhood

Today we're gonna talk about why I chosen to trade on robinhood
Ok so not too long ago it was hard to trade stock because you need a computer and internet and it was so expensive but now in days you can use app from playstore call robinhood app.
Now let get start

1.the app is free to download No fee absolutely 100% free .

2. sign up is also free there no hidden fees.

3. Easy to use app all you do is  look for whatever Stock you have in mind and click on it . stocking is also free there's no hidden fees.

5. They have a referral program which gives you free Stocks.

6. You can link your bank to withdraw your money or deposit money is easy .

7. They give you a news on stocks and much more

8. they have ETF stocks and they're also free to invest.

9. They have a Visa card which they  allow you to use.

10. They have life stock movement so you can always be updated on your favorite stock
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