Why I will never play penny machines at the casino

Casino never pay good when you play  penny machines you have play dollar or more for machine to pay the including if you having a  lucky day. So lets say you feel lucky and you go play casino and you having lucky day if you play penny your can be 20$ or 30$ win after spining 20$ your gain 10$ that betting 60 cents and under now let go see if you can 1dollar and up the would add extra 0 if you would lucky that day meaning yes 20$ can turn in 200 or 300 dollar on your lucky day  is possibility but you also gotta remmber not all manchies pay some just want your money now  let break down. The way I like to call 2 negtive equipment to 1 positive so 2 people have to lose so you have the win once you win you will slowly  start lose after because the manchies are build to bring in money not lose money. So if you want to win big I guess you gotta play big it take a lot of money to make money .

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