Xbox Series X and PS5 GPU specs have reportedly leaked

If reports of a leak area unit correct, we've simply learned some specifics regarding what is going to power the Xbox Series X and PS5. evidently, the numbers area unit leagues on the far side the Xbox One and PS4 in terms of process power.

The leak, as careful in a very report by Digital manufactory (via Eurogamer), comes straight from AMD's testing labs. The word is that the Xbox Series X can sport a "frankly ginormous" GPU probably reaching twelve teraflops - compare that to the vanilla Xbox One's roughly one.3 teraflops and also the Xbox One X's six teraflops of graphics power.

The report is a lot of specific once it involves the PS5. The leak reports that the PS4's successor can boast a nine.2 unit of measurement graphics card, an honest deal but the projected twelve teraflops reportedly packed into the Xbox Series X's GPU, however spectacular all the same.

The leak allegedly claims the PS5 can run GDDR6 memory, the successor to the long-running GDDR5 memory employed in most current-gen graphics cards. Some graphics cards that use GDDR6 memory embrace the GTX 1660ti, RTX 2060-2080, and AMD's Radeon Radeon RX 5700.

Also careful within the leak area unit 3 completely different "modes" the PS5 can use to support backwards compatibility with the PS4 and PS4 professional. The system can reportedly alternate between info zero, Gen 1, and info two to play PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 games, severally.

Of course, forget not the "grain of salt" expression, as it's only too relevant here. this is often all in keeping with Associate in Nursing unofficial leak and is totally subject to vary within the time before every console's several vacation 2020 launch. Though, the numbers and supply are not notably suspicious, therefore there is a smart likelihood the information is correct.

You can scan plenty a lot of regarding what the PS5 is capable of in a very comprehensive report by our friends at Official PlayStation Magazine.

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