Audi's electrical cars 2020 Review

If you do not suppose Audi's electrical cars  quick enough, do not fret -- they will be masses speedy rapidly. Audi director Julius Seebach recently told Autocar that the whole can introduce RS performance versions of its cars, with associate E-Tron GT variant returning in 2021. you'll be able to additionally expect RS editions of plug-in hybrids, and Seebach indicated that you'd doubtless see a similar for the E-Tron Sportback.

While there is nothing definite, Autocar additionally aforesaid it absolutely was "understood" Audi would resurrect the R8 E-Tron as a restricted production supercar that might arrive in late 2021. It's believed to be associate "upgraded" heat unit that might mostly check the 2015 automotive on the surface.

The RS strategy would not be stunning. Audi typically has 3 performance trims for a given automotive, and its sib whole Porsche already offers the Taycan (which shares roots with the E-Tron GT) in 3 variants. whereas we have a tendency to would not judge Audi duplicating Porsche's configurations, the four-ring badge may simply use those powerplant decisions as beginning points.
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