the endless Sony vs Microsoft console war

This year can see the discharge of each the PlayStation five and Xbox Series X, therefore after all you recognize what meaning – another new front within the endless Sony vs. Microsoft console war. Personally, I don’t very care what play box you get, however some folks square measure already pushing folks to require sides. Case in purpose, a Twitter user recently asked former Xbox team member microphone Ybarra what next info console he’ll be shopping for – after all, we tend to already apprehend his answer! Ybarra was a vicinity of Team Xbox for twenty years before deed last Gregorian calendar month, after all. He’s undoubtedly shopping for associate degree Xbox Series X, right? Apparently not. Ybarra is especially a laptop gamer and needs everything would get on the platform, however only if Sony's exclusives do not build it on laptop, he's shopping for a PlayStation five.

Well, I don’t essentially trouble his logic, and given Ybarra’s history it is smart he’d be additional loyal to Xbox Game Pass than Xbox hardware itself. Still, it’s a shocking statement to form. Given the timeline, Ybarra had to possess some involvement within the creation of the Xbox Series X.

As mentioned, Ybarra left his position as vice chairman guilty of Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass in Gregorian calendar month, cathartic this transient statement…

After twenty years at Microsoft, it’s time for my next journey. It’s been a good ride at Xbox and therefore the future is bright. due to everybody at TeamXbox, I’m improbably happy with what we’ve accomplished and that i want you the most effective. additional shortly on what’s next on behalf of me (super excited)!

Ybarra would later announce he’d joined Blizzard as their new government vice chairman and chief. supported a number of his recent tweets and statements, he’s clearly enjoying his new freedom.

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