Space Force: the new military branch?

The Trump administration mounted the Space Force as a separate army branch in December 2019.

Since then, America's Space Force has gotten its personal legit "Star Trek"-esque seal, with a logo being developed. Recently unveiled was once a typical camouflage uniform decorated with a blue "U.S. Space Force" nameplate on the chest and a full-color flag on the left arm.

Furthermore, the first legitimate "space guy" has been formally sworn in. Gen. John "Jay" Raymond is the Space Force's first chief of house operations and has stated that the new branch will be a "technology-focused service."
Sparking all of this undertaking are the increasing space ambitions and competencies of a couple of countries, in particular China and Russia, U.S. officers have said. The Space Force is designed to help shield the pursuits of the United States in space, deter aggression in the ultimate frontier and behavior instantaneous and sustained space operations.

As U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated ultimate month, countries have been in house for many, many years. "It's just been lately that each China and Russia pushed us to the point the place it now became a warfighting domain," Esper stated for the duration of a Jan. 27 information conference.

As a result, Esper said, the United States has mounted the Space Command and simply recently, Space Force, "to make positive that we can hold house as a international commons," he stressed. "It's important no longer simply to our security, however to our commerce, our way of life, our appreciation of the planet, weather, you name it. So it is very vital that we — we now treat it that way and make certain that we're prepared to defend ourselves and maintain space."

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