Super Bowl draws 3 million viewers in Mexico City

The Super Bowl is the largest annual tournament on American television, and it additionally draws solid audiences in other countries the place the NFL is trying to reap a foothold.

According to, 3.66 million viewers in Mexico watched Super Bowl LIV. That wide variety represents the common audience at any given time at some point of the game; Nielsen mentioned that 12 million humans in Mexico watched at least a minute of the game.

The Chiefs, who performed in Mexico throughout the ordinary season, are one of the more popular NFL groups in Mexico, which surely helped the Super Bowl’s viewership there.

In Canada, the Super Bowl drew 9.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched Super Bowl ever north of the border. Add these viewers to the 102 million in the United States, and the complete viewership in North America topped 115 million.

The NFL has dedicated to persevering with to play ordinary season video games in Mexico, as the league appears to gain reputation backyard the United States.

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