Top 15 best beers from mexico

1. Tecate
Tecate glass and bottle
We ranked Tecate at the pinnacle of our listing due to the fact it is the satisfactory mass-market Mexican beer via far.

It has a scrumptious combination of malt and hops, and as some distance as faded lagers go, it’s clearly no longer bland, thanks to its Vienna lager-style history.

With a 4.6% ABV, it has an common energy as well, which makes it truely effortless to drink.

2 Negra Modelo
Negra ModeloNegra Modelo is a normal top class lager with a richer and smoother style to it that would be frequent in such mild beers.

This is thanks to a slower brewing process, which additionally offers it the slightly-stronger-than-average 5.4% ABV.

Definitely supply this a shot if you come throughout it. It’s in particular best if you desire a darker beer to go with heavier Mexican dishes.

3. Victoria
Victoria beerThis Austrian-style amber is one of the greater common beers to come from the Grupo Modelo brewery. Its style and aroma are deeply rooted in Austrian pilsner styles. It’s no longer as effortlessly determined outdoor of Mexico as some of its greater famous export competitors, however it continues to obtain in popularity.

At 4.0% ABV, it is one of the decrease energy selections that will swimsuit a lot of people.

4. Bohemia
BohemiaThis Mexican beer manufacturer is maybe one of the palest we have encountered, however the aroma is as a substitute appealing with some sweetness from the grain that balances off the bitter hops.

With an ABV of 4.7%, it is very a lot in the common vary on this list.

5. Corona Extra
Corona Extra Mexican beerThis Pilsner-type beer is extraordinarily famous for the duration of the world, being possibly Mexico’s most well-known beer worldwide. Famously, it’s commonly fed on with a lemon slice rubbed on the rim of the bottle, or even inserted into the beer. Some say this is to keep away from flies striking round the bottle, whilst others say it’s for the flavor. Either way, it’s scrumptious and we propose it!

Another fascinating reality – Corona is famous in Spain, where it is marketed as Coronita as a mark of appreciate to the Spanish royal family. [1]

At 4.5% ABV, it’s at an common power that is very fresh in the summer.

You can see this web page for greater pinnacle Pilsner beers.

6. Dos Equis
Dos EquisDos Equis Amber is a lager with a richer and greater full-bodied aroma than most of the preceding ones on this list.

It has a lot of similarity to German Oktoberfest-style beers and has an ABV of 4.7%.[2]

It has grown particularly in recognition backyard of Mexico in latest years due to the advertising and marketing campaign with “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” Also, if your Spanish is susceptible and you couldn’t inform the connection – “Dos Equis” ability “Two X’s,” the brand’s name.

7. Sol
SolSol is a super choice for these of you who like to drink lagers that are pretty mild on the palate. It’s very comparable to Corona, even though a great deal much less popular. It’s an best refreshment on a warm summer time day and will go properly with surprisingly an awful lot any food.

The 4.5% ABV is additionally extraordinarily a whole lot in the common range.

8. Modelo Especial
Modelo EspecialSimilar to Corona, Modelo Especial is a very light Mexican beer with a satisfactory citrusy trace to it. (And like Corona, sense free to add a lemon, if you like that citrus style to be even extra enhanced). The mild shade and style make it perfect for your barbeques in the summer, and it will add a bit of a combine to the traditional faded ale options.

With 4.5% ABV, it has turn out to be very lots in demand on the American market. [3]

9. Pacifico
As the identify implies, this beer has grow to be one of the largest Mexican export beers on the West Coast of the US. For this golden lager, we strongly advocate including that well-known Mexican slice of lime.

With 4.5% ABV, it’s a appropriate energy for most beer drinkers and – like most mild lagers, particularly Mexican ones – it’s best for a warm summer season day.

10. Noche Buena
Noche Buena Mexico beerThis has made it onto our top-ranked listing due to the fact it’s simply a little bit stronger, which a lot of beer geeks will discover pretty attractive – and additionally it’s very difficult to locate in Mexican beers.

With an ABV of 5.9%, it’s extra of a German-style Winterbock that is additionally a lot richer in taste, and is a very famous alternative amongst Mexican beers for the duration of the Christmas excursion season.

“Noche Buena” capacity “a proper night,” which you’re certain to have as lengthy as you drink this heavier ABV beer in moderation! 5.9% can sneak up on you, so go easy.

11. Leon
LeonSurprisingly, this beer appears a lot maltier than it truly tastes. Quite darkish in colour for a Mexican amber ale, you would count on it to have a bit greater taste to it like a Negra Modelo.

You do get pointers of that style, however if you’re watching for some thing greater full-bodied, you have to stick with the Modelo.

The ABV is an common 4.5%.

12. Indio
2 bottles of IndioIndio sitting at 4.1% ABV is nevertheless every other top notch amber ale beer, although it is surely very mild on alcohol. Slightly greater malty-tasting, you will additionally get a trace of caramel that makes it pretty unique.

Indio additionally has a moderate sweetness that has grow to be very famous with a lot of beer aficionados out there and can be a exceptional beer for range if you are deep in repeating similar-tasting Mexican lagers.

13. Carta Blanca
Carta BlancaThis manufacturer is extraordinarily comparable in style to Estrella, and most humans will truly conflict to inform the difference. (Try it! Give your beer geek buddies a blind style test).

At 4.0% ABV, it is weaker than most, even the Indio, and that additionally makes it a little much less flavorful too. However, for these who simply desire a clean light lager, it’s nonetheless a amazing option.

Remember too that for lengthy days barbecuing outdoors, or after-workout beers, or any different beer-drinking state of affairs the place “refreshingness” is the key element of what you’re searching for (or the capacity to drink in massive extent barring getting too drunk), beers like this are perfect.

14. Estrella
EstrellaWhile this manufacturer tastes very comparable to Carta Blanca, Estrella is a bit better at 5.4%, which makes it a higher choice for most people.

It’s additionally the solely beer on this listing that’s now not truely Mexican in origin, as it comes from Barcelona in Spain.

Still, it’s a super alternative and is very frequent in the course of Europe. [4]

15. Montejo
Montejo mexican beerThis is a tremendously new beer from the southeast of Mexico that additionally follows a Pilsner subculture in the German style.

At 4.5% ABV, it’s of common strength, and there isn’t a massive quantity to file on the flavor. But it is nonetheless pretty a high-quality drink when you simply desire a little refreshment.

As you can see, we have put in a lot of “hard and grueling” work outdoor of workplace hours to come up with this listing of the excellent Mexican brews. What is fascinating is how many of them observe very ordinary German brewing techniques, which provides to the appeal.

“Historically, the Mexican beer enterprise has been radically influenced with the aid of German and Austrian immigrants.”
– Jose Ruiz

Final Thoughts on the Best Mexican Beers
Beer and two glassesMexican lagers have grow to be more and more popular, now not simply in the immigrant neighborhood in the USA, however greater generally in the united states of america and additionally global – even in locations with little to no Mexican immigration. This is a testomony to the exceptional of the Mexican brewing tradition.

They have some of the first-rate beers in the world, and the united states is exporting growing numbers of top-ranked (but much less popular) craft beer merchandise all over.

It hasn’t pretty outstripped the Tequila export market… yet.

There is pretty a extensive vary of aromas available, so go in advance and provide some of our favourite hints a try. These Mexican beer manufacturers will be a notable desire for your subsequent party, BBQ or Cinco de Mayo celebration. Also, if you can’t locate any of the beers in the article at your nearby bar or liquor store, test out or hyperlink beneath for on line shops the place you can order nearly any kind of beer.

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