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So you choose to make cash thru affiliate marketing, huh?

You can scent the moolah.

And amongst thousands of affiliate advertising and marketing networks out there, all promising you a piece of the delicious $12 billion pie, one has caught your fancy.


But there’s a problem.

You’ve heard a lot of suitable matters about ClickBank.

You’ve additionally heard many horrific things.

What’s true? What’s fiction? Can you sincerely make cash on ClickBank? How can you efficaciously navigate the prosperous however perilous ClickBank waters?

That’s what this post’s about.

An unvarnished appear at ClickBank, warts and all.

Let’s get to it.

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ClickBank: Q&A
What is ClickBank?
Founded in 1998 in a storage in San Diego California, ClickBank is one of the granddaddies of affiliate advertising networks.

You can make cash with ClickBank as a product supplier or affiliate marketer besides working like a frazzled cubicle slave.

Here are some brilliant numbers about the ClickBank marketplace:

200 million clients unfold throughout one hundred ninety countries
87th greatest Internet retailer in North America
276 classes and 21562 product listings
6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
Over 200 million bucks in annual sales
In short: you can make a killing on the network.

The satisfactory part?

Joining a rewarding affiliate application on ClickBank is now not labor-intensive like writing for cash or making cash blogging.

ClickBank is a top alternative for bloggers and entrepreneurs who desire to promote digital and life-style products.

How is ClickBank Different From Other Affiliate Networks?
ClickBank is now not your standard common affiliate network.

Five right matters stand out:

Simplicity. The sign-up procedure is straightforward. You can sign-up inside a few minutes and begin buying and selling except intricate forms to fill or administrative hoops to leap through.
Inclusivity. Anyone can be part of the community for free. It’s ideal for novices who prefer to examine the ropes of affiliate marketing.
Duality. On most affiliate advertising and marketing networks you go in both as a dealer or an affiliate. ClickBank lets in you to enter the fray each as a seller and a marketer so you maximize your earnings.
Large Selection. With lots of magnificent affiliate merchandise in each and every potential area of interest to select from, your affiliate software picks are numerous.
Good Commission Rates. ClickBank will pay excessive commissions of up to 75% or even 100%. Plus, they pay quickly so you won’t have to wait lengthy to splurge on that you-know-what you’ve had your eye on.
However, there are cons as well:

Slow Customer Service. Some reviews from the Better Business Bureau declare ClickBank can also take up to 7 days to reply to patron emails.
Charges on Dormant ClickBank Accounts. You are charged $1 per day after ninety days of no earnings, $5 per day after a hundred and eighty days of inactivity, and a hefty $50 per day after 360 days of no sales.
Some Junk Products. More about how to overcome this in a bit.
Fierce Competition for Quality Programs. A correct trouble to have, if you ask me.
What are the Sign Up Requirements for ClickBank?
ClickBank is free for anyone, each new associates and old, to join.

All you want to be part of is:

Live in an eligible country
Enable cookies in your browser
Have a Tax ID or Social Security range (if you stay in the U.S.)
If you sketch to register as a vendor, you ought to pay a one-time activation rate of $49.95. You pay solely $29.95 for any extra accounts.

What Affiliate Programs are Available with ClickBank?
Whether you are a tentative amateur who wishes to dip a toe into this make-money-online issue or a veteran who needs to develop her earnings, ClickBank has bought you covered.

There are many affiliate packages and product classes to pick out from:

Arts & Entertainment
As Seen on TV
Betting Systems
Cooking, Food, & Wine
E-Business & E-Marketing
Employment & Jobs
Green Products
Health & Fitness
Home & Garden
Parenting & Families
Politics/Current Events
Software & Services
New Age & Alternative Beliefs
Not positive the place to start? No worries.

Dan Brock, of Deadbeat Super Affiliate, exhibits seven warm niches you can attempt in this video.

What are ClickBank’s Payment Methods?
With ClickBank, you can acquire repayments in 4 one of a kind ways:

Payment Method #1: Check

The precise historic paper take a look at is the default price option. It’s mailed to the tackle listed in your account.

Payment Method #2: Direct Deposit

ClickBank affords direct credit score in the U.S. and different pick out international locations at no more charge. Direct deposits take 1-2 commercial enterprise days to attain your account.

Payment Method #3: Wire Transfer

You can get hold of repayments by means of wire transfer. This alternative is for nations no longer included via worldwide direct deposit. Payments take up to 5 days (depending on the place you live).

Payment Method #4: Payoneer

You can additionally get paid the use of the Payoneer Mastercard, an global cash switch carrier you can get for free. Payoneer lets in you to open a U.S financial institution account the place your cash is deposited.

As you see, ClickBank offers you a lot of options. Plus:

ClickBank doesn’t tie you to the charge technique you’ve chosen.

You can alternate your price approach at any time. It’s your money, so you get hold of it your way. But, it may additionally take up to seven days for the new price approach to work.

Whenever you trade your e-mail tackle or password, you can’t change fee strategies for a week. This protects you from fraudsters.

You can set the charge threshold as low as $10.

Is ClickBank a Scam? Or, as the Kids Would Say, is ClickBank Legit?
Is ClickBank an tricky racket or a actual business?

Yes, it’s true. Some ClickBank affiliate applications are of low quality. Overhyped junk merchandise are a dime a dozen. But that’s half of the story.

There are stable packages on there too.

ClickBank’s like a mega grocery store packed with different goods.

Don’t like what’s on the shelf? No problem. Move to some other aisle. You’ll quickly discover what you want.

With a reputedly countless range of digital merchandise from entrepreneurs all over the world to pick from, your ideal product awaits.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs are on the platform. Some ClickBank associates and carriers have been with them for decades.

But, ultimately, it’s your popularity on the line. You owe it to your self and your target market to double-check each software earlier than you be part of it.

Here are some guidelines to help:

5 Smart Ways Not To Get Burned on ClickBank
To weed out the rubbish and find the gemstones, comply with these guidelines when deciding on a product:

1. Try the product first
You simply desire to assist people, right? Then why no longer ask for a assessment pattern product from the dealer to see if it’s the actual deal. If they say no, purchase the product yourself. This way, you’ll be positive of the product’s authenticity.

2. Check the product reviews
Scour thru customers’ comments about the product you intend to sell. Not simply evaluations by means of different associates due to the fact these might also be biased. Look for opinions on relied on evaluation websites like Trust Pilot. If the product is popular, it’s in all likelihood to have been reviewed someplace on the web.

3. Check the product’s gravity score
Gravity is the quantity of associates who have offered a vendor’s product in the ultimate 12 weeks. The greater the gravity, the greater the product’s trustworthiness. Each gravity factor is an endorsement of the product.

4. Watch out for overblown claims
While it’s feasible to make cash on ClickBank, it’s now not magic. If a application guarantees you a million greenbacks in a single day whilst you binge-watch Friends on Netflix, continue to be away.

They’re fake. They’re tricksters. And they’re out to get you.

Run, and by no means seem back.

5. Be on the lookout for shadowy vendors
Cheats lurk in the shadows. They don’t favor to exhibit their faces.

Google providers that pastime you.

Can’t locate them? Think twice.

Good carriers have a traceable on line history.

Editor’s Note:
These hints aren’t solely for ClickBank — clever bloggers and entrepreneurs use them for CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, and each and every different affiliate network.

It doesn’t be counted how lots affiliate advertising and marketing journey you have or how properly regarded the affiliate community is, you want to do your homework.
How Do I Sign Up for ClickBank?
Let’s go via the step-by-step process.

To signal up for an account, go to and click on on ‘create account’ on the pinnacle proper facet of the menu.

ClickBank menu

Step 1: Fill in your non-public info

ClickBank Account signup step 1
Make certain you whole all fields in any other case you won’t be in a position to pass to the subsequent step.

Click on ‘next step.’

Step 2: Provide your financial institution details

Remember to test the small container to renowned that you’ve examine the phrases and conditions.

ClickBank Account signup step 2
If you choose to be paid via your agency enter your commercial enterprise identify in the Payee discipline as a substitute of your non-public name.

Your financial institution data is now not used to ship payments. That’s why they don’t ask for your account number, simply the identify of your principal bank.

You select a fee technique after your account is created.

Click on ‘next step’ to go on to the remaining step.

Step 3: Create your account

You’ll then be requested to create a nickname.

Your nickname is your consumer ID. It’s seen to all customers, so don’t make it too personal.

ClickBank signup stage 3
Affiliate advertising and marketing method specialist Warren Wheeler shares a little-known however effective secret you can use when growing your ClickBank consumer ID.

The closing step is developing your password. Once you’ve chosen a sturdy password, click on ‘create account’ to finalize your account.

You’ll see a patron survey page. Once you see it, recognize that your account is now active.


You’re now geared up to do enterprise on one of the largest affiliate marketplaces in the world.

How Does ClickBank Work? Crucial Code Terms To Master
Before you commence deciding on ClickBank affiliate programs, be positive to familiarize your self with the language used on the platform.

Here are some key ClickBank phrases to master:

Gravity – This discern tells you how many associates have effectively bought the product in the previous 12 weeks. The greater the gravity the higher your possibilities of succeeding with that program. It’s up to date day by day and can go up to 600+. A product with a gravity rating of at least 50 is a protected bet.
Initial $/Sale – This quantity portrays the common greenback fee of an preliminary sale, with the exception of rebills, credited to the affiliate.
Avg %/Sale – Represents the common affiliate fee share for a sale, inclusive of each preliminary and rebill commissions.
Avg %/Rebill – Represents the common whole affiliate fee share for a sale, which includes solely rebill commission, for a habitual billing product.
Your genuine north? The one metric that must information you?



Because it indicates you what’s promoting now.

All different metrics are secondary.

Most affiliate entrepreneurs rush headlong, seem to be for the product with the largest fee and best gravity.

That’s the incorrect way to go about it.

Here’s how to do it right…

How To Make Money With ClickBank: Unearthing Gem Programs And Sidestepping Rubble
Let’s say you choose to promote a fitness and health product.

First, click on on the affiliate market on the menu and then pick your class on the left:

ClickBank categories
You’ll then see a listing of merchandise displayed. You can pick how the outcomes are sorted: popularity, Ave $/Sale, Initial $/Sale, Ave %/Sale, Gravity, and so on.

ClickBank kind results
Results are sorted in accordance to a program’s recognition via default. Zoom into the product that meets your predetermined metrics. Two essential metrics to reflect onconsideration on are gravity and Average $/Sale aka your cut.

Here’s a product with potential:

ClickBank software example
With a excessive gravity of 137 and a exceptional fee of $66, this software can be a moneymaker. Now that you’ve discovered a properly product, it’s time to click on promote and experience the pleasant ka-ching money register sound, right?

Not so fast, my friend.

Dig deeper.

Go to the program’s affiliate web page to discover out extra about the product.

Critical Bench Products
Always be on the lookout for companies with affiliate advertising equipment pages. These are serious providers who have performed the heavy lifting for you to make your work easier.

Typical equipment you’ll locate include:

Product images
Pre-sell content
Swipes for e mail advertising campaigns
Press releases
Landing pages / income pages
Opt-in rates
Customer demographics
Here’s an example:

Afilliate promotional tools
Surely with all these substances on hand, even a slacker like you can make this work. 🙂 Remember, these equipment are tried and tested. Use them as they are. Only tweak them if you are double certain the alternate will make them a higher healthy for your audience.

Another cool tip is to search for reductions on the affiliate application web page so you get a greater cut.

When you’re done, click on promote, fill in your account details, and take hold of the affiliate hyperlinks you’ll use to promote the product:

ClickBank Hoplink
That’s how you be a part of a stable program.

Now, desire to explode your profits?

How To Make Money On ClickBank: four Top Tips to Rake In Big Bucks
I won’t lie to you.

Making cash on ClickBank, like whatever worthwhile, won’t be easy sailing, specifically at the beginning.

It’ll take creativity, trial and error, a jumbo dimension espresso urn for that much-needed caffeine restore — and masses of patience.

Here are four pointers to help get you started:

1. Don’t be obsessed with excessive gravity and $/Sale
It’s now not always the product with the best gravity or Ave$/Sale you have to center of attention on.

Programs with a very excessive Av$/Sale have stiffer competition.

And, they normally have decrease conversions.

Those in the center have greater conversions.

Find the proper balance.

2. Wrap up your provide in applicable content
Successful affiliate provides hinge on context. You can put the provide on your newsletter, a high-performing weblog post, or on a ‘products we recommend’ page.

Here’s a little case find out about of this tactic proper right here on Smart Blogger. Click on ‘Tools We Recommend’ on the menu and you’ll see this:

Smart Blogger affiliate links
What I love about this is that they don’t simply supply a naked purchasing listing of assets like many websites do. They bundle their pointers in the shape of a post. This way the endorsements appear natural, now not forced.

The result? More sales.

You can craft a unique piece of content material for particular offers.

Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. Your free content material affords a piece that can solely be achieved by way of the offer.

3. Get the product/audience match right
With hundreds of flashy merchandise on show, the temptation to promote any top-selling application to your target market is strong.

Resist it.

Two reasons:

If your affords aren’t a proper healthy for your audience, you won’t make money, period. Eventually, you’ll get discouraged and curse the ClickBank professionals for ‘misleading’ you.
Offers that don’t resonate with your target market will put on them down. They’ll strengthen ‘offer blindness’. They won’t reply to future offers. Ultimately, they’ll quit trusting you.
Only be part of packages that add cost to your audience.

It’s fantastic for everyone.

Your target market will adore you for proposing tremendous merchandise to them.

You’ll make greater money.

4. Create an evergreen YouTube funnel
Most ClickBank affiliate advertising techniques center of attention on electronic mail advertising (sending emails to your list), social media promoting (tweeting or sharing your affiliate links), or search engine marketing (creating top-notch content material round your affiliate product and getting it to rank on Google).

But there’s every other place most e-commerce authorities ignore: video. Specifically, YouTube.

Smart entrepreneurs take gain of the powers of YouTube, the 2d biggest search engine, to set up a high-converting ClickBank funnel.

Here’s how:

Find the proper product to promote
Search for famous content material associated to the product on YouTube
Dissect the content material to see why it’s popular
Produce comparable content material in your personal YouTube channel
Link to the product in your video. Watch the cash come in like clockwork.

Need a real-life example? Check out this assessment of a famous ClickBank product, The Flat Belly Fix.

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