Reasons Why You Should Avoid Clickbank

So you’re wondering of making your affiliate advertising fortune via Clickbank?

Think again.

Clickbank used to be one of the first affiliate networks I got here throughout when I stumbled into this extremely good enterprise mannequin a few years ago.

But I shortly realized that it’s one you virtually desire to keep away from if you favor to promote terrific merchandise and earn excessive affiliate commissions.

You see, Clickbank is populated with lots of low-quality, low-paying affiliate applications that kinda make you cringe.

You be aware of these shady make cash on-line hyped up merchandise that are all discuss and no trousers?

Yeah, it’s full of these ones.

Not some thing you’d be proud to put your title behind.

So in this post, I’ll define motives why you favor to keep away from the usage of Clickbank for affiliate advertising and marketing and provide some higher preferences (not Amazon Associates).

Let’s get cracking!

1. The Vast Majority of Affiliate Programs are Awful

If you take a few minutes to browse thru the Clickbank marketplace, you’ll rapidly find out that the platform is teeming with low-quality affiliate programs.

Even some of the most famous packages in positive classes are for merchandise that appear like whole trash.

Case in point:

The “AZ Code” is the quantity one product in the E-business/E-marketing area of the affiliate marketplace.

Number one in popularity!

Yet it’s full of hyped of claims of making hundreds of bucks in a count of DAYS.

We’ve all heard the pronouncing “When it sounds too top to be true” it probable is. And even if the application was once absolutely legit — I’m no longer fond of the “get prosperous quick” vibe it portrays.

Another example:

Crypto Currency Codex is the pinnacle product in the Business/Investing category. Another one that straight away strikes me as hyped up garbage.

They declare that their college students have became $20 into $100,000 in simply three months…


Are these guys for real?

They use some traditional phrases to draw the “get wealthy quick” crowd into the product like “weird” “low-risk” and “loophole”.

Last time I checked, Cryptocurrency used to be one of the most unstable markets in existence — really now not some thing that’s low-risk.

And little matters like the inexperienced display screen video heritage simply screams stereotypical sleaze-ball net advertising program.

2. The People That Promote Clickbank Are Trash

Clickbank looks to appeal to sure sorts of humans to their marketplace. These human beings don’t strike me as human beings that cost characteristics such as honesty and integrity.

You recognize the ones I’m speaking about:

“Make $3000 a day inside 2 weeks working much less 30 minutes each single day”

Pie in the sky guarantees of wealth and riches alongside with a supposedly simple, effortless and simple gadget you can use to get it.

These snake-oil sleaze-balls make their cash via promoting overpriced packages and merchandise that are full of fluff and missing in substance to lazy wantrepreneurs.

The push-button answer is all a lie.

3. The Best Products Are Teeming With Competition

Because the majority of merchandise in the Clickbank market are backside of the barrel junk — the stuff that’s half-decent is promoted by way of the lion share of associates on the platform.

This potential there’s ultra-stiff opposition for some thing really worth promotion on there.

So you may additionally have a tough time riding site visitors to the merchandise as so many different associates are already doing the equal thing.

The one exception is if you manipulate to locate a visitors supply that’s pretty untapped (which is rare) however definitely possible.

4. The UI is Like Something out of the 90’s

Clickbank clearly hasn’t put an awful lot effort into upgrading their person interface on the affiliate market side.

It actually appears like some thing out of the 90’s!

Check it out:

And whilst the dated UI can also no longer be a dealbreaker for you, it simply worsens the journey on the platform.

What’s more, it makes it more difficult for you to filter via the affiliate packages that are genuinely really worth a 2d look.

Clickbank have taken the time to improve the retail aspect of the platform however have omitted the affiliate marketplace.

5. The Vetting Process is Worryingly Basic

The pleasant of posted affiliate packages in the Clickbank market is a testomony to the susceptible system for approving merchandise on the platform.

Practically every body can write an e-book and get it posted inside a few days.

The guys at Clickbank appear to be actually eager to get as many merchandise on their platform as possible.

But this mantra has definitely backfired as they’ve ended up with a market full of sub-standard merchandise that don’t provide a lot value.

Searching for affiliate networks with respectable affiliate programs? I created this guide proposing some of the excellent curated merchandise for you to promote as an affiliate. Some of these applications pay up to $8000 commissions for one single sale. Check it out.

6. They cost you for having a dormant account

That’s precisely right.

They take your cash if you depart it in your account for a sure duration of time.

This rule is so atypical — when I first got here throughout this, I absolutely struggled to apprehend why they selected to do this to their affiliates.

So here’s the gist:

As referred to in their knowledgebase article, having a tremendous stability for an prolonged length of time will lead to “dormancy fees” being deducted from your account.

They reserve the proper to deduct up to $100 a month from money owed that haven’t considered any endeavor for a few months.

This has for sure led to some human beings dropping cash from their Clickbank money owed — who reads T’s and C’s anyway?

Imagine busting your balls to correctly promote a product, solely for Clickbank to dispose of your genuinely-earned money from your account a few months later.

Not cool.

7. The purchaser provider and refund coverage is questionable

Alarm bells are ringing.


Because Clickbank has a 1-star ranking on Consumer Affairs with lots of human beings complaining about merchandise they’ve offered via the marketplace.

Let’s have a appear at what some of these humans are saying:

Laura had some problems with unauthorised payments…

Nicky obtained a definitely distinctive product from the one he purchased…

And Ilona had some suitable ol’ long-established horrible purchaser service…

Does this shock you?

It shouldn’t. Looking at some of the merchandise they’ve allowed in their marketplace, it’s no shock that humans have had hassle with refunds and consumer support.

A greatest choice to Clickbank
So you’ve likely gathered that Clickbank genuinely isn’t the high-quality affiliate community to discover tremendous products to promote.

So the place do you discover the excellent affiliate programs?

Here’s the rub:

Most human beings don’t comprehend about high-ticket affiliate programs. These are products/services that pay upwards of $1000 per sale — precisely the kind of stuff you desire to be promoting.

So alternatively of promoting lots of e-books for a handful of dollars, you can center of attention on promotion nice items and offerings for a whole lot greater money.

I’ve written an significant publish that outlines these principles and exhibits some magnificent affiliate packages that pay truly well, you can test it out here.

Aside from that, you gotta do your personal research. Examine your areas of hobby and seem for human beings growing terrific courses/products that you can promote in that space.

The satisfactory affiliate applications aren’t section of an affiliate network.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing, make positive you get trained so you have the exceptional risk of making this work.

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Bringing it all together
So you now understand what to keep away from when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Aside from having the mindset, competencies and experience, advertising the proper product is necessary to your success.

Good advertising can’t replacement awful products, now not for the long-term.

So take the time to empower your self with the proper affiliate capabilities and align your self with fine merchandise that you’re proud to promote. This will assist you maximize your possibilities of success!

Looking for satisfactory affiliate packages that pay excessive commissions? Check out this distinct PDF information providing merchandise that pay up to $8000 per sale!
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