Horn toad 2020

Horned toad, additionally referred to as horned lizard, (genus Phrynosoma), any of about 14 species of lizards belonging to the household Iguanidae that are typically characterised by means of daggerlike head spines, or horns; a flattened oval body, pointed fringe scales alongside the aspects of the body, and a brief tail are regular features. The lizards vary in size from much less than 7.5 to greater than 12.5 cm (3 to 5 inches).

They inhabit western North America from British Columbia southward to Guatemala and from Arkansas and Kansas westward to the Pacific coast. The standard habitat is barren region or semidesert sandy country. Horned toads conceal themselves by way of colour-pattern exchange and via wriggling sideways into the sand till the whole body, without the head, is covered. They are meals specialists, ingesting often ants. The horned toads encompass each egg-laying and live-bearing species.

Defense mechanisms consist of the potential to inflate the physique shortly with the aid of gulping air, and (rarely) spurting blood from the eyes. They are regularly stored as pets however seldom stay lengthy in captivity; they slowly starve as a end result of their specialised diet. 
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