President Donald has the coronavirus

Wednesday that President Donald two Trump known as the coronavirus, which originated in China, a “foreign virus,” some thing Acosta stated “smacks of xenophobia.”

Acosta used to be inspecting Trump’s speech to the kingdom Wednesday night time that outlined similarly administration plans to fight the coronavirus, now categorized as a pandemic by way of the World Health Organization. He claimed the president used to be promotion his immigration policies.
At one factor at some stage in the tackle the president referred to the coronavirus as a quote, ‘foreign virus.’’’ Acosta informed CNN’s Chris Cuomo, pronouncing that sources had instructed him until now that nighttime that Trump used to be taking high-quality pains to “get throughout to Americans that the virus did now not begin here.” Acosta then claimed that “immigration hardliner” senior presidential adviser Stephen Miller had been “the riding pressure in the back of the president’s speech. (RELATED: White House Cancels Trump’s Events In Colorado, Wisconsin And Nebraska)

“I suppose it is going to come throughout to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia to use that sort of time period in this speech.”

Acosta stated the president’s phrases “went way beyond” what the Washington press corps expected. He cautioned the president banning journey from Europe for 30 days used to be going to purpose “major disruptions to the journey enterprise and motive all types of issues that we haven’t viewed considering that the Trump administration tried the journey ban early on 
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