10 Best Torrent Clients in 2020

As most of you already know, Bit-torrent is the protocol used to share files in P2P networks around the world that, despite the years it has been with us, is still one of the most used systems.

It has been running for more than a decade, despite the obstacles it has encountered in its path due to the fact that it has always been related to a controversial issue such as piracy. But the truth is that Bit-torrent allows users to share all types of content, not just illegal files, as there are Internet portals that also house many legal torrents.

What you may also know, is that to make use of all this, it is essential to use one of the so-called torrent clients of the many in the current market, although the first was also called Bit-torrent. However over the years have been emerging many other alternatives, so now, in full 2018, we are going to show a selection of torrent clients with greater acceptance on the globe for Windows 10, although most are also valid in previous versions of the system.

Web Torrent
If what we are looking for is simplicity, this is the perfect alternative, since Web Torrent accomplishes its task without too many additions or configurations that can confuse the less expert users in these cases. So, just add the torrent file or the URL of the Magnet in your main window, and voila, the download will begin. Actually it is an open source torrent client that has been with us for a short time, in fact it was launched last year, although in these months it has been widely accepted.

Also, it should be noted that it has a version that we can use directly from the web browser, as well as another more modern version that can be installed on the computer.

If your main priority when making use of this and other types of programs on the PC, is privacy when working, this is the right solution. Tribler is a torrent client that makes use of its own network similar to that of Tor, whose objective is to protect the anonymity of its users, something that is sure to please many. For all this, it uses a work method of its own using up to three proxy servers chained between the sender and the receiver of the files. In the same way, it allows you to configure and customize these options related to the security and privacy of our connections.

To say that it is free and at the same time implements an integrated video player that is actually treated VLC running in the background for viewing video files that download via torrent.

As we have already mentioned, this was the first proposal of this kind, and at the same time it is still in full 2018, one of the best alternatives, with a large number of users. This is largely because it is packed with additional, customizable features that can be very helpful. Organize the downloads in different categories and provide many technical details about them, which will be appreciated by the most experienced in these tasks.

It is worth mentioning that the application has a free version that has most of the functions of the program, although there is also a Pro version that removes ads and includes customer support, in addition to offering access to the built-in media player, among other things.

For many this client is the "little brother" of the previous proposal of Bittorrent, in fact the developer is the same and is one of the most used alternatives in the world. It includes a good part of the characteristics that we mentioned in the previous case, although the biggest differences will be found in the user interface and appearance of the work environment. Of course, in this case we will
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