Utorrent 2020

Some versions of the popular uTorrent client for Windows are dangerous, since they contain a serious bug that allows any website to take control of your downloads folder. This has been revealed by Google Project Zero, Google's project to analyze third-party software and detect vulnerabilities.

According to the report, the bug is one of the easiest to exploit, since it affects the desktop client for Windows. It is only necessary to have it open and access a malicious web so that it can inject code directly into your PC, download files to your downloads folder and grant administrator permissions, a very dangerous pack in the wrong hands.

It is not uTorrent the first Torrent client vulnerable to hackers, far from it. BitTorrent and Transmission suffered similar problems just a few weeks ago, although in his case it took much longer to solve it. Updating uTorrent to its beta version solves the problem at a stroke, according to the developers. You can download both versions of the following link:

Download uTorrent Beta
Luckily for everyone, Google's Project Zero found the vulnerability quickly. According to the way of acting of this division of Google, the developer is first alerted and given several weeks to patch the problem. If it does not, a detailed report is published discouraging the use of the program in question.

In this case uTorrent has reacted quickly by releasing a patch that already works in the beta version, so it is advisable to download and install it as soon as possible in Windows. As you can read, it does not seem that this uTorrent vulnerability affects macOS computers or mobile devices.

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