Covid 19 World Reopens?

The world today a great place to live in but tomorrow  may not  corona-virus has taken over the world closing  down many stores.

Many people have stopped working and are quarantine at home for many weeks to come no answer for vaccines the world is still looking  for great vaccine for the covid-19.

We need to stick together to many people who can die from covid-19 and many more to come people need stay home if your immune system is weak, if your get sick very easy please stay home have someone help you move around to make sure you stay save.

The state Department of Health announced Monday that all places of worship in California have reopened under the newly released safety guidelines and purchases in stores are now allowed. According to the state's website, as of Monday, only 12 of 58 districts have not confirmed that they are ready to open shops and malls for in-store shopping, restaurant dining - in operation. 
Health officials provided a breakdown of places of worship that adhere to guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19. No more than 100 people are allowed to attend services at a time, according to the state Department of Health. In other words, a place of worship can be reopened as long as the number of visitors is lower, but only if it is limited to a maximum of 100 people. 
California is the only state in the country with a four-step reopening plan, and officials said Monday that districts allowed to advance further into Stage 2 of the state's reopening plan are now allowed statewide. Forty-five of its 58 districts have now filed plans with the governor's office to go deeper into Stage 2 or the state of their reopening plans. 
Under new statewide guidelines released Monday by the CDPH, places of worship and retail stores can reopen at any stage of the reopening plan. 
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