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fortnite apk  / Fortnie apk and fort night is same From the very beginning of electronic games,  masses have shown a great interest in multiplayer electronic games.  Electronic games were a contest between two players, but the number of players who could take part in a game grew gradually.  With the explosive popularity of the internet due to its ease of connecting people from anywhere, mobile multiplayer online games have taken over the electronic games industry.  It is because of the fact that humans love to take part in much bigger competitions than a match between only two persons.  Online games now have the most significant number of players, and fornite apk is one of them.  Did You Hear About Lucky Patcher  If you are someone who keeps an eye on modern trends and music, you surely have heard the name fortnite.  Fortnite is a multiplayer online game that has become a worldwide sensation for a long time.  It was only available for gaming consoles and PCs, but now Fortnite mobile android edition is also here!  Read About: Pokemon TCG APK  Fortnite APK  Name Fortnite-Battle Royale Developer Epic Games Version 11.31.0  Requires Android 5.0+  Last Updated December two thousand and nineteen  What to expect  As mentioned earlier that this game is originally for consoles and PCs, it is not going to run as best as on those devices.  The reason is that consoles and PCs have higher specifications than android devices, and prove to be a better platform to run such high-end games.  If you are someone who focuses on small details of the game, you can easily see that the implementation of android devices is not as high as of now  .  However, you can say this for sure that the fortnite android devices version is still entertaining and addictive to play, and you can get a quality time by playing this game.  But do not expect this game to be running smoothly on your ten years old smartphone.  This game is only able to run smoothly on the latest devices and requires a high-speed internet connection.  Similarities The best thing about the fortnite android version is that it is exactly the same as the original version of fortnite.  The controls are  100% the same as the original fortnite that is available for consoles and PCs.  This means that the android version of fortnite has all the fun it is, which made the fortnite game popular.  It has all of the famous characters and soundtracks that are loved worldwide.  There is no reason to ignore the fortnite mobile version.  Gameplay The main fun of the fortnite battle royale is that it contains  one hundred players worldwide who can take part in a challenge at a time.  There are hundreds of thousands of players playing this game at a time, and all of them are placed in different one hundred players’ squads.  One can take part in the game individually, form a duo,  or a group of four players to take part in the game.  all of the players get into the game by falling from the sky using the glider.  They all land safely without having any weapons.  Where the land is an island, having a specific boundary and including some famous places like “  Lazy Lake” and “  Pleasant Park.  ”  The game starts instantly when all the players have landed, and all the players land at the same time.  After landing, players have to search for available weapons and shields in the abandoned area.  There are other combat support items that are randomly placed all over the area.  Now, coming the main motive of the game, the players of the game have to make sure that they are the last one standing.  Players can take out other players, or stay away from them to achieve this goal.  However, the game has no gore elements,  one of the reasons for the game’s  immense popularity.  As mentioned earlier, players can take part alone or with other players forming a team to join a  one hundred players contest.  In case players are playing alone, they get out of them as soon they lose their full health.  But in the squad mode, the players with low health can crawl around the map, or their fellow players can help them to survive in the game.  If they are not revived, any other player can take them out anytime.  The reviving process requires “Reboot Vans”  but finding one is much tricky.  The game follows a third-person view mode, and players in the game can see and observe all other players and the elements of the game.  As time passes, the surviving players are drawn close to each other as they have to stay safe.  Getting closer that they will have to encounter each other.  At this time, there are random drops of ammo and other fighting equipment that makes the game tougher to play.  The main thing that differentiates fortnite mobile from other multiplayer battle games is the building mechanism of this game.  In this game, one can change the shape of nearly all of the game’s elements.  The objects of the game’s  environment can be reshaped to make other things.  Players can build walls, ramps, and roofs for themselves to make a shelter using the in-game environment to create a safe haven.  The catch is that the durability of these reshaped materials depends on the time spent of them.  The items can be destroyed by other players.  If an item took a long time to complete, destroying it would be tough.  Game featuresBuild the creations of your own and destroy the creations of others.  Drop in the zone you like the most, and gather the essential things to take out your opponents.  Be the last standing player on the island.  Pick your favourite players from anywhere, and make the squad that becomes the survivor.  How to download fortnite on android devices As of now, fortnite download on mobile is not easy as the game is not available on the Play Store.  There are some complications between Epic games management and Play Store management.  It is not easy as of now to download the fortnite directly on android devices.  You have to pass through many steps to get the game from the Epic Games website.  But, here we provide you with the official apk of the game that we got from the Epic Games.  We are providing this apk to you as we received from them, and you can download the apk by clicking the download button on our website  .  How to install  Click the download button to have a fortnite apk in your device.  Wait for the completion of the download process.  Locate the downloaded apk in your device, and click on it to start the installation.  Wait for the game data to be downloaded;  make sure that you have a stable internet connection.  ScreenShot  Final words  Fortnite is known worldwide for all the fun it has.  This game has made its way to the everyday conversation, and artists like Lil Pump have also referenced playing this game.  The good news is that you no longer have to play this game on a console or PC.  The initial releases of this game on the android platform are very promising, but many things in this game still need revision.  However, keep playing this game to get the latest releases.  Visit our website to get your favourite games and apps.  Happy Gaming!
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