Ravi Zacharia

Apologist Ravi Zacharias has died after announcing he has been diagnosed with cancer. He was known as a popular author and Christian teacher, with his international ministries (RZIM) concentrating on the study and teaching of science, philosophy, theology and philosophy of religion, as well as humanism and atheism. In addition to his doctrine of confronting skeptics, he has written more than 30 books and preached at many conferences, arguing that the "Christian worldview" has robust answers to humanity's existential questions. 
At the age of 71, he remained committed to the historical, philosophical and moral foundations that the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands for and defended it against his adversaries with grace, clarity and coherence. This verse has become a central part of my mission to present and defend it so that others can find life in Jesus Christ. 
Zacharias came to prominence in 1983 when Billy Graham invited him to address the United Nations General Assembly in Washington, D.C., according to an obituary published by the department he founded. He laid the framework for the truth of the gospel in his writings, including his book "The Gospel of Jesus Christ: The New Testament and the New World "and its theological work. 
In his message, he asked Christians not to try to humiliate people with different worldviews, according to his obituary. 
Zacharias found ideas in the writings of John Paul II, John the Baptist and John Calvin. It would grow to nearly 100 "Christian evangelists and apologists," who continued to interact and try to answer the same questions that he had. A popular Christian apologist who championed the defense of evangelical Christianity's intellectual base died early Tuesday at his home in New York City.
The famous apologist Ravi Zacharias died after a short battle with aggressive cancer. According to an obituary on his website, he wrote a series of books on the history of evangelical Christianity in the 20th century and its intellectual base. He was born in 1946 in Chennai, India, the son of Frederick Antony "Ravi" Kumar Zacharas and later moved with his family to Delhi. 
His daughter Sarah Davis posted the announcement on the website of the global apologetic ministry he founded. Savior, Jesus Christ, is what my father always wanted to talk about the most, "she wrote.
Lacking the energy to speak with his breath, the conversation turned to what the Lord did in his life, in his family and in his faith. Lacking the energy or breath with which he could speak, he turned his conversation to his Lord, who did everything for him. He lacked the energy to speak with his breath, and he had to do it for himself. 
He constantly admired the fact that God had taken a seventeen-year-old skeptic, defeated in hopelessness and unbelief, and called him to a message that would carry him around the globe for 48 years. He was saturated with the love of his family, a team of evangelists, apologists and collaborators called his "family," and his faith. 
Ravi Zacharias has spent the last 48 years praising the Christian faith and answering the questions of millions of people around the world with eloquence and grace. He has created nearly 100 Christian scholars and writers who continue to speak and speak on these issues for millions of people around the world. When my father began praising the Christian faith nearly five decades ago and addressing the big questions of life about what it all means, "said his son Ravi, a professor of theology at the University of Texas at Austin. 
Those who knew Zacharias well will remember him first for his kindness, meekness, generosity, and spirit. Those who know him better will remember him as a man of faith, a friend and mentor to millions around the world. 
Among those he met were a number of prominent evangelical Christians who shared their appreciation for their apologists after news broke earlier this month that Zacharias had returned home to Atlanta from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where he was being treated for cancer. On Instagram, athlete Tim Tebow emotionally described him and encouraged people to send him good wishes using the hashtag # ThankYouRavi. 
Australian author and speaker Christine Caine posted a video on Twitter sharing her appreciation for Zacharias' work as an evangelist. Others on the list included: "Can a man live for God"; "Jesus of the East" from the Bible; and "I am so proud of you, Ravi. 
Zacharias is an Indian-born evangelical apologist, author of many "Christian books" that he has written since he was 17, and has defended the Christian faith since he converted at the age of 17. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. 
Oncologists have informed him that the cancer is very rare due to its aggression and that there is no option for further treatment. On Sunday, RZIM invited Christians around the world to post their stories about how Zacharias "ministry influenced them, using the hashtag # ThankYouRavi, and said these testimonies would be shared with him and his family. Christians of all stripes from all over the world reacted with gratitude with a common theme. 
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