The history of Amazon stock as Jeff Bezos

A thousand dollars invested at the closing price on the day of Amazon's IPO would be worth nearly half a million dollars 20 years later. 
Of course, the only investor who has been there throughout the history of Amazon stock is Jeff Bezos. While Amazon shares have risen sharply in the past year and Bezos is expected to sell about $1.5 billion of his $2.2 billion in Amazon stock in 2016, the Amazon boss has sold about 941 million of his shares since the IPO. 
Amazon has a Twitter account that features photos of MPs visiting warehouses, posing with Amazon trucks and stowing items in boxes, as well as a Facebook page with pictures of the company's staff. 
Regulators familiar with Amazon's lobbying, however, say this is a bit of hubris, since Amazon has been able to tell the story the way consumers love it in the past. 
Bezos has refused to consider slowing business growth for fear that his culture could collapse if the pace slows. Bezos doesn't seem to care that companies are increasingly selling the same products and services as in the past. This month, The Times published an article accusing them of lawlessness of all kinds in their bookstores. Fake medical textbooks were sold, and Amazon was able to participate in the swindle sales by pushing for higher discounts. 
Amazon not only competes with independent bookstores, but arrogantly tries to destroy them. Amazon seems to treat self-written authors well, but they can unilaterally lower the price of their books. They have lowered the fee for short self-published works and changed the terms of the contract between the author and Amazon to only pay for the first 10,000 copies of a book. 
The company offers a program that allows sellers to sell their products on their own branded website and on their own website, earning a fixed fee for each transaction. They also produce and sell Kindle e-readers and strive to offer customers the lowest possible price, with free shipping, including membership of Amazon Prime. 
Amazon's retail marketplace empire exists because the company essentially created its industry. Amazon executives point out that, ignoring the distinction between online and real sales, Amazon is not only the largest retailer in the world, but also the largest provider of online services. Developers and businesses of all sizes can serve as customers of Amazon Web Services, which provide technology and infrastructure that enables virtually any type of business. Part of Amazon's defensive stance stems from its disproportionate popularity with lawmakers. One manager told me the real problem was that regulators "concerns were based not on logic but on a misguided understanding of retail. Lawrence Lenihan, founder of Resonance Companies, said it was dangerous to go too deep into bed with Amazon.
We do not know how a brand should fit into the market or how it will function in the market. 
First, Amazon, Vogue, and CFDA have partnered to create the first ever New York Fashion Week - branded by Amazon - to be presented at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. From 2016 to 2019, Amazon will be the official brand of CF DAI, the world's largest fashion trade association, for six seasons. If we really want to use our partnership with the CFDA, then the Amazon brand is on its way, heavily armed in the high fashion world and ready to brand at New York Fashion Week. 
Now the British Fashion Council is also planning a partnership with Amazon to sell designs by young British talent. The partnership could help "smaller and bigger brands that have lost massively," says London-based brand strategist and designer Rani Raja. His own label, "Rani and RajA," is part of Amazon's planned digital showcase in New York City. Designers such as Raje, Jonathan Cohen and Adam Lippes say the Amazon platform lends credence to their designs. 
In addition, a platform will be launched on the BFC website during London Fashion Week in June, offering features such as interviews, wholesale and digital shop windows. The partnership comes as Amazon competes with other technology companies for the platform of choice at a time when the industry is desperate for digitalization. British designers, and the multinational giant is in talks with them to facilitate their collections and use their worldwide network of more than 1.5 million retail stores to sell them, according to a statement from Amazon. In addition to selling luxury clothing, Amazon's partnership with the British Fashion Council will be accompanied by a number of other initiatives, such as facilitating the sale of its collections through its online store and the creation of a digital store. 
While the idea of a standard NYFW in September seems increasingly unlikely, a digital event is much more likely.
CFDA NYFW is backed by tremendous technology and live streaming on Twitch, and Amazon's resources would be a strong competitor to IMG's event. Amazon demonstrated its ability by streaming Rihanna's Savage Fenty range on its platform last year. Binkley says he has heard internally that Amazon views the show as a massive success and plans to repeat it later this year, according to a source familiar with the company's plans. 
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