Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is a 2019 American crime film directed by Josh Benny Safdie, who wrote the screenplay with Ronald Bronstein. In it, Adam Sandler plays a man in debt to the FBI who has to retrieve an expensive jewel he bought to pay off his debts. 
With an outstanding central performance from Adam Sandler, this pulsating drama is a high-budget thriller with a strong sense of humor. The film also stars Michael Keaton, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and a host of other actors. No other film of 2019 achieves the intensity of the plot and depth of its characters "stories.
The film is set in a VIP Ratner showroom selling VIPs jewels - encrusted Furbie necklaces and fake Rolexes. He loves to sell coveted products and make safe investments, but he also likes to take numerous risks that never pay off. 
One day, while Ratner waits, the Boston Celtics begin a game against the New York Knicks in which Kevin Garnett plays his movie, which plays out like the movie itself. He receives a shipment of rare, uncut black opals from Ethiopia and becomes obsessed. Howard dreams of auctioning off this rare gem for millions and is convinced it will bring him luck on the basketball court. In what was supposed to be a one-day loan, he is taking on the Opals in return for giving Howard his NBA championship ring as security. 
The robbery of the rare black opals made its way through the streets of New York City in the early hours of April 1, 2009. 
However, he had fallen behind on his maintenance and was trying to find a clever way to pay off the bookies and finally get the edge once and for all. 
Directed by brothers Josh and Benny Safdie, "Uncut Gems" tells the story of a gambling-addicted jewelry salesman Howard (Sandler) who has to acquire precious gems to pay off his debts. In order to make up for the loans he has made through betting all his life, he must first balance his bank account. A year after the publication of "uncut gems," he began to show a new side to his career.
When Howard, a jewelry dealer from the Diamond District who is also a compulsive gambler, makes bets on basketball games, he offers better, more sophisticated ones. He not only risks money on the outcome, but also crafts a series of paid-off bets: what comes right, who wins the opening tip, how many points a particular player scores, and whether the winning team covers the spread. Now I think if you threw a bag of money on a speeding train, you'd find more money than I've ever seen in a movie. It would have been nice to make this movie if it wasn't so much fun. 
But beyond the grandiose vision of winning, it's all about what actually happens, and that's much more fun than the game itself. 
It doesn't take much to beat the Safdies in creating a movie that catches your attention and asks you on the edge of your seat what's going to happen next. The Safdie brothers have created a unique way to bring fans to the cinema and show how an actor can transform into a serious character. 
Let's get this weird stuff out of the way, Adam Sandler was awarded for his performance in Uncut Gems and he deserves all the plaudits. Known for playing adults, he has taken on more serious roles in recent years, but his leading role in Howard Ratner raised the bar for himself with his amazing performance. 
Sandler plays a guy with a sidekick who kills him, but it's hard to see how he actually does the job. Rush is everything for this guy, and he does it with such a high level of energy and passion that it kills you. 
Deeply indebted to gambling losses, he sees the rescue in a boulder full of gems that has just arrived in the shop. 
The material that gives rise to the myth is a combination of stolen gems, aging flesh and the blood of two miners who sneaked in. Uncut gemstones say it all, but it is all the same: they are a mixture of gold, silver, platinum, copper, gold and silver.
Don't worry, the Decider is here to unravel the true story of Uncut Gems, and with its saturated cinematography, beautiful music and stunning visuals, you won't stop traveling through the gem - a myth. 
In the uncut DVD feature titled "Money on the Streets and the Making of Uncut Gems," Safdies explains that he was determined to find a real NBA player to play him. Howard Ratner is fictional, loosely based on the real Boston Celtics player Josh Howard, who worked as a runner in the diamond district. But the former Boston Celtics power forward, played in the film, is real, as is former New York Knicks player and current NBA star Kevin Garnett.
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