Kim Kardashian Vs Taylor Swift 2020

It takes a lot of context to understand why she's back in the news this week, what her appeal is and whether she's technically doing something new to cause it. So far, the public has only heard about the conversation Kardashian and West have posted on Snapchat. On Saturday, a video leaked online that appeared to show a conversation between the two as they discussed West's song "Famous" ahead of its release. 
Swift and her fans appear to feel vindicated by the newly unredacted transcript, and they are not alone in their anger.
While the continued support for Kardashian and Swift was pretty much the same at first, people now seem to have sided with the singer after the unredacted phone call. Kardashian, many are sure, is telling the truth and even applauding her for bringing the information to light. The Kardashian & Swift rift has reached new heights after a new video of her conversation with West surfaced online.
It looks like Azealia Banks is taking Taylor Swift's side, and it seems she owes her some sex. The rapper appeared to harass Kim Kardashian West for harassing 19-year-old Swift, tweeting from his now-deleted private account. He didn't mention the "make-a-tch-famous" line, but he did feel she might owe him sex, according to TMZ. 
Kanye is a father now, and he really has no idea what to do with women, white or black. 
Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been in a feud for several years, and after a video leaked on social media from an unidentified source, it appears they have responded to the new clip with cryptic likes on other people's posts. Kim initially liked a fan's tweet that said the video showed nothing new. 
Paine, who posted a screenshot of a 2016 statement that did not deny that the entertainer had been on the phone with the famous woman, tweeted directly to Kardashian West. In June 2016, Kardashian-West told GQ about Swift, 30, telling her husband she was laughing and telling the media she was there when she was asked about her 'famous' lyrics. It's funny because Taylor said to Kanye on the call: 'When I get on the red carpet at the Grammys, if they think I'm crazy, I'm crazy. So I'll just laugh and say, "Hey guys, this joke's on you guys. 
Kim Kardashian-West posted video footage on her Snapchat after the episode "Keeping up with the Kardashians" aired to discuss the whole affair. I was there all the time, 'Kardashian told West, who leaked a snippet of the phone call to her Snapchat account a month later. 
In the video, Kanye is seen reading out a statement saying he feels like he and Taylor are still having sex. I don't see lines that say, "How you made yourself famous," but I can tell you that Swift's reaction is being interpreted as something at least similar, and I honestly don't know who she is. 
Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift have reignited the controversy over their relationship, which has literally been going on for years, with comments on the newly leaked video. Kim Kardashian posted on her Snapchat that West's team had recorded the call in the video, and she countered by claiming Swift's publicist had said it 'never happened' so she posted a clip of it on her Snapchat story. 
Both women have broken their silence on the situation, with fans taking sides as two of the biggest celebrities compete once again. Many people have expressed their views on what has been leaked to the Internet, but who is currently receiving the most support? 
While Swift may be whispering to her highly-paid entourage, Kardashian is still in the woods with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. 
In a GQ cover story earlier this year, Kim Kardashian hinted that she would have had a fling with Taylor Swift if she had agreed. It is understood Swift was not a fan of the reference, and the offensive line is widely seen as a nod to Swift, who bit off a speech at the Grammys in February. 
But in the last ten years they have made amends, only to start again and fill it with a true piety. Starting from the beginning, here's a look back at some of the most memorable moments between the two stars over the years. When Kanye West stormed the stage at the VMA in 2009 and snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift, you could have guessed it was going to happen. ?
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