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Known as Area 51, this US Air Force facility is one of the largest military bases in the United States and the second largest in Europe after the Pentagon.
Area 51 has a strong appeal, and more than two million people have responded to the call to hide it once and for all. KNTV in Las Vegas reports that a Facebook event titled "Can't Stop Me, Area 51" has gone viral, bringing the originator of the event into conversation with the FBI, according to his Facebook page. 
There will soon be a second festival called "Alien Stock" at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the site of Area 51, which will take place June 22-23. Storm, "Area 51" has become the "Storm at Area51 Basecamp Experience" and it seems that interest in this area and the possibility of an alien invasion of the US is at an all-time high. The rumors of alien ships stored in Area 51 have had their fair share of media coverage, but not all have been positive. 
The US military claimed that they were weather balloons, although many years later it was admitted that they were indeed part of a top-secret military project to detect sound waves from nuclear warheads. Only a few years later, the then secret Area 51 began testing its own version of the sound wave detection system. 
Then, in 1989, a man named Robert Lazar claimed to have worked on extraterrestrial technology in Area 51, the centerpiece of modern conspiracy theories. There is much we do not know about Area 51 - it is classified, and there are many theories about its origins and the existence of extraterrestrials. 
The U-2 flew at 70,000 feet and was mistaken for a UFO by civilians on the ground who could not imagine anything flying so high, "Jacobsen said. 
It is a top secret site owned by the US Air Force, acquired in 1955 and used to test military aircraft. The management of the plant was handed over to the US Air Force in the late 1970s.
Over the years, however, more rumors and conspiracy theories have spread about Area 51 than ever before. 
Area 51 is believed to be an underground laboratory where the US government is studying the effects of alien life on the human body and its properties. UFO fever reached its peak in the 1950s, when rumors circulated that the US Army had hijacked a crashed spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico. Given this context, the public was immediately led to believe that aliens were walking among us.
A conspiracy theory suggests that there was once a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico, and that the remains of the UFO were taken to Area 51 for testing. Another opinion is that this military base is the site of an alien invasion by aliens from another planet or perhaps even another alien race.
Perhaps one of the reasons these conspiracy theories abound is that the military is actually covering up the facts about the crash. Not to mention that there is a government that wants everything that is going on there to be kept under wraps. 
Area 51 is the popularly used name for a US Air Force facility attached to Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada. However, the fact that secret nuclear tests are being carried out in the area is not quite as severe. The perimeter fence is heavily guarded by a heavily guarded fence just a few hundred meters from the base. 
The US government has refused to acknowledge that the site has existed since 2013, but it continues to serve as an advanced aircraft testing base. The flight manoeuvres of some of the best pilots in the world make Area 51 a hotspot for UFO fans. 
Local and state officials have said there would be arrests if people were brought to justice, and the military has responded with threats to use deadly force against people entering the Nevada test and training grounds. Millions of people responded to an internet post in June calling for people to flee Area 51, which has long been the focus of UFO conspiracy theories. Four years later, the news that the Pentagon had spent $22 million (€31 million) on a secret program to monitor UFO sightings sparked renewed interest in the site. 
Millions of people have now signed up for a tongue-in-cheek Facebook event called Storm Area 51. What began as an Internet hoax about a "storm" on Area 51 has turned into a celebration celebrating everything foreign. The truth is out there, and we have been the target of foreign conspiracy theories for decades. Stop Us, "which is scheduled for September 20, 2019 at 3 a.m., according to the event's Facebook page. 
The creators of the site explain that they will meet in Area 51 and coordinate their entries. The plan is to form different battalions, each with a different "battalion" (Internet slang for "aggressive type"), to name a few. 
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