5G iPhone

In the second half of this year, the highlight of the market is the 5G iPhone. Taiwan stocks have fallen more than 100 points today, and foreign investors have taken advantage of the relevant stocks in the 5G iPhone supply chain.

After the Taipei weighted index opened slightly higher today, it corrected downwards and closed down. It fell 119.01 points and closed at 12073.68 points, with a turnover of NT$258.181 billion.

Seven of the top 10 foreign-funded buyers today are 5G iPhone suppliers: TSMC (2330), 23,961 pieces of mobile chips, Wistron (3231), 7,517 pieces from Apple, and 6,794 pieces from Hon Hai (2317); (3711) 4,997 sheets, ABF carrier board Xinxing (3037), 7921 sheets for packaging and testing in the latter stage, Mini LED crystal (2448) 7,052 sheets, AiP antenna carrier board Jingshuo (3189), 5403 sheets.

Foreign investors also bought 28,851 sheets of risk concept Fubon VIX (00677U) and 3,845 sheets of Yuanta Taiwan (0050) linked to Taiwan's full-value stocks. Wafer foundry UMC (2303) was also invested 147,000 by foreign investors due to its promising semiconductor outlook .

Taiwanese stocks this week ended up with a red K-bar, up 164.52 points.

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