6ix9ine Plans to Release an Album in August and Make Public Appearances, According to Lawyer

News broke on Tuesday that 6ix9ine is going to deactivate his social media bills for the closing two weeks of his domestic confinement. The controversial rapper has been locked indoors when you consider that getting out of prison in April, a few months earlier than the quit of his 24-month sentence, due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is set to regain his full freedom on July 31. We had questions about why 6ix9ine, the troll king of Instagram, determined to all of sudden quit sharing his lifestyles online. So we referred to as his attorney, Lance Lazzaro. The conversation, gently edited for clarity, is below.

I noticed the story on TMZ about 6ix9ine taking a spoil from social media. Can you tell me a little greater about that?
His domestic confinement issue ends on July 31, so we idea out of an abundance of warning that he ought to deactivate all of his social media bills and simply maintain a low profile till his domestic confinement is finished, simply to make positive that nothing is leaked, the place any gang contributors would parent out his place or whatever to that effect. So we simply thought, out of an abundance of caution, these remaining two weeks earlier than the domestic confinement component ends, that he must simply remain away from social media.

Does that suggest he’ll be shifting as soon as the domestic confinement length ends?
There is a very right danger of that.

Have you talked to him about the opportunity of acting in public as soon as this is over? How has he been speaking about that?
It’s his intent to show up in public. He’s bought a protection crew made up of former FBI dealers and NYPD detectives, so he’s going to be well-protected when he does step out into the public eye, and he does sketch on doing that.

How do you sense about that? It’s been your job for two years now to hold him safe.
I assume with a element safety group surrounding him, he will be fine.

What else is probable to trade as soon as July 31 hits?
I assume you’ll see an complete album launched the month of August, as properly as some tune movies that he will launch as soon as he’s achieved with domestic confinement. He’s going to be busy.

Anything else you choose humans to know?
That he’s acquired the total world beforehand of him.
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