A Chinese company does it again? Ford Bronco's design 'copied' days after launch

2021 Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport revealed: Classic off-road ...

Several Chinese organizations throughout a large vary of sectors are notorious for copying designs of products - regularly pretty blatantly. A few Chinese automakers are additionally responsible of replicating designs of automobiles manufactured and offered by means of different agencies and this controversial trouble has as soon as once more reared its contentious head after a carmaker's ultra-modern renderings of a automobile was once discovered to have uncanny similarities with the recently-launched Ford Bronco.

Wey P01's pix have long gone viral on social media after many located that its plan was once very comparable - if no longer same - to Ford's new offering. Netizens have highlighted how the boxy shape of the vehicle, its head mild design, LEDs and a rear profile - barring barely tweaked tail lights - are unmistakably picked from the Bronco.

Wey is a new company from Great Wall Motors - a dominant neighborhood participant in the Chinese auto market. Its renderings of P01 has as soon as once more ignited the debate about whether or not Chinese vehicle makers are copying designs in toto, are stimulated via them or these are simply co-incidental cases. It is very not going that motors like P01 would be taken to markets out of China which offers nearby gamers some leeway.

It is no longer clear if Wey, however, does have launch plans for the P01.

Ford designers, however, are not likely to be too thrilled even if the Bronco's diagram is interestingly labeled 'inspirational.'

The all-new Bronco re-enters the scene with an all-4x4 lineup with manufacturing opening in early 2021 and first fashions arriving in Ford dealerships subsequent spring. Just like the first-generation Bronco, nicknamed G.O.A.T., the mission of the all-new 2021 Bronco is to supply most 4x4 go-anywhere, each time functionality and confidence.

Bronco is made reachable in a two-door and a four-door set up, and Ford is having a bet large on nostalgia and a cutting-edge power and cabin to carry in customers. 
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