A zebra gives birth to a 'zebra' after mating with a donkey

Do you know what a "zebra" is? As its name suggests, one would think that it is an animal hybrid, half zebra, half donkey ... right? Indeed, and the keepers of the Chyulu Hills National Park in Kenya have been able to see one with their own eyes. Earlier this year, one of the employees was surprised to see a zebra accompanied by a strange creature: in appearance and size it looked like a baby zebra, but its body was brown and only had the typical stripes on its legs. At first they thought that the baby could be dirty from having been playing for the mud, but upon closer examination they realized that nothing further: the baby was a "zebra", the result of mating between its mother, a zebra, and an anonymous donkey.

The keepers explained in a statement that the zebra had moved into the nature reserve after spending a season in a community near another park, where it had become an "honorary member" of the cattle of a woman who lived there. It is there where it is believed that he ‘met’ an anonymous donkey with whom he mated.

“The gestation period for a zebra is 12 months, so it is not difficult to connect the dots. During the time he lived with that community last year, he was obviously 'fond' of a clearly passionate donkey, "say representatives of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who were the ones who found the animal and moved it to its new home," The " Zebrasno "combines the burly body of a donkey and the striped legs of its mother, which makes it a striking creature."

From the park they report that "mother and son are happy" and that the area where they live is not plagued by predators: "thanks to the impeccable conditions of the area, water and grass to spare, it is a good place to call 'home'", add.

The animals will live in the care of the park managers until they can join the herd of zebras in the park.
The animals will live in the care of the park managers until they can join the herd of zebras in the park. (Twitter / @ SheldrickTrust)
Those responsible plan to care for the mother and calf until both are 'discovered' by a herd of wild zebras living in the park, as this species is extremely social and lives in groups normally.

"Until that day arrives, they seem happy to spend their days side by side, which makes the rest of us stand up and marvel at the wonders of nature," she says.
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