American actors accused Hollywood of system racism

USA, June 24, FederalPress. Black American actors made an open letter accusing Hollywood of supporting racism and violence.

More than 300 black American actors and producers have appealed to the leading representatives of Hollywood with a call to change the existing order. According to the applicants, there is a direct and indirect criminalization of black people in the cinema. In addition, Hollywood is accused of “promoting the cult of white supremacy.” +

The authors of the message are sure that due to the ideas transmitted through the cinema and the media of discrimination and racism, black people are constantly faced with the same problems outside the “dream factory”.
An open letter was published in the journal Variety. The message was composed by actor Kendrick Sapmson, actress Tessa Thompson and activists Patrice Kallors and Melina Abdullah. The letter was signed by Chadwig Bozeman, Anthony Mackie, Danai Gurera, Billy Porter and others.
Earlier, FederalPress reported that protests in the United States caused by the death of black George Floyd during detention were not abated in the United States. In the wake of the discussion of racism in various cities of the United States demolished monuments to slave owners. Also removed from open access to the HBO Max online cinema, Gone With the Wind movie. They will return it after it introduces an introduction with a “historical context”, which will be voiced by the dark-skinned film professor and TV presenter Jacqueline Stewart
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