AT&T gives away data to use Code


AT&T gives away data to use the CoDi
Starting this week, AT&T offers its users the possibility of making collections and payments through Banco de México's Digital Collection platform (CoDi) at no cost.

About 19 million AT&T and Unefon customers will be able to open the CoDi platform from their bank's app without being charged a byte for its use to promote the use of the tool, explained Daniel Ríos, deputy vice president of external affairs at the company.

Of course, many of these clients already use the tool created by the Central Bank, whose statistics indicate that there are 18.1 million users using CoDi so far this year.

AT&T became the first operator to sign a collaboration agreement with the Central Bank for this purpose. The agreement, which is in effect for five years from this week, allows customers to use up to eight gigabytes for transactions per month at no cost.

“It is a lot for a financial transaction. This capacity gives users access to a very high number of transactions, the eight gigabytes do not run out in the month, "said the manager to El Sol de México.

Ríos added that since it is an exclusive agreement with Banco de México and not with financial institutions, free of charge only applies to the use of CoDi, that is, if a user opens their app to make a payment or collection through this tool data consumption will not be charged, but if you use your bank's app for another action, such as checking your movements or making a transfer, this is charged.

The AT&T executive added that the service will be provided as long as the line is active, that is, if a prepaid user has not recharged in two months, they can use their CoDi, even a postpaid customer who for some reason does not You have paid your bill, but staying on the line in service can take advantage of this benefit.

CoDi officially began operating in September last year. It is a platform developed by Banco de México to facilitate payment and collection transactions through immediate electronic transfers.
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