Donald Trump: The Illuminati, 4chan, Meme Magick, and the Occult Powers of Sigils

Eddie  BLACKOUT radio show. On the May 12th occurrence I spoke about Donald Trump, Pepe the Frog and Meme Magick, but I wanted to take a difficult look at it in this analysis so we can all understand the deep implications of what is going on here… inspect out the video for this analysis: Pepe and KekPepe is the name for the illustrated frog character that people on 4chan would utilize in memes, which eventually went viral and became a worldwide phenomenon. In 2015, some 4chan driver concluded to take their esteemed meme back from the “normies” (a tenure for mainstream folks that don’t regularly stop on 4chan; if you don’t know what this means, it’s you). They were upset that Pepe was being used by “sell outs” in the masses like Katy Perry so they started depicting him with nazi regalia and skinhead symbolism. Around the similar moment the “nazi-Pepe” was admitting off, Pepe also evolved into Trump artwork which was embraced by some members of the alt-right, nationalists, conservatives, et. al. meanwhile reviled by others who were confused and thought Pepe was indeed a racist symbol (due to its simultaneous broadcast of nazi symbolism). This connection was likely caused by the 4chan forum of politically incorrectness (/Pol/), which undoubtedly appreciated Trump’s lack of political acumen, tact, or general disrespect for other human beings. During these similar moment periods, 4chan users moved a cult-like following of Pepe that also utilized the associated phrase of “kek” as a play on “lol” (apparently taken from World of Warcraft slang). This set over into the belief of archaic Egyptian god “Kek”; a frog deity. The Egyptian deity of Kek is understood as the god of primordial darkness, or chaos. This imagines in countless notion of the Illuminati that we’ll explore in this article- from chaos magick to “order out of chaos” and even the Trump “chaos candidate. ” * Note that alt-right body also use the term “cuck ” or “kuk” to cite to sell-out conservatives who aren’t hard liners. “ Kuk” is also a brand for that equal Egyptian deity, but another curious connection here is that “ cuck”/”Kuk” actually stands from the period “ cuckold”- mentioning to a housekeeper being taken from her man and having sex with another man (who is typically robust and more dominating). It derives itself from the experience of stags who surrender their womanly mates when they are beaten by a robust male stag. The tenure of this is caused “wearing the horns”; quite similar to the symbolism of Moloch and the horned god. At this point, Pepe was being worshipped for his capability to influence reality (in terms of ritual magick it’s causing true change in accordance with ones will). This theory of Pepe dominating reality has its roots in a practice 4chan users have of looking for the coveted “dubs,” “trips,” etc. when posting their comment in the message boards. ( *The support being told by 4chan users gets assigned a sequential number and the users like to get the last few serialized numbers to match- a matching pair is ‘dubs’, a matching sequence of three digits is ‘trips’, etc.). It’s considered happy to “get” these dubs/trips, and when a worker provided a post with the words: “Trump will win” and the number landed on seventy-seven million, seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven it became a legend… So it leaves that the the Egyptian KEK conflates with Pepe and is somehow showing his capability to influence reality through the repeating dubs and trips– something that is believed to been part of the whole creation myth with the idea of repeating values. This is why it is claimed by numerologists that when one sees repeating numbers (like 11:11 on the clock) it symbolizes that one is in sync with their True Will (an Aleister Crowley concept). Combine all of those things along with the unexpected fact that Donald Trump won the election, and you have the idea that Pepe the Frog is a deity that one can worship in order to make changes in the world. Furthermore, since the vote of two thousand and sixteen we’ve seen elder bizarre influences on reality that Pepe has, like white supremacist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on TV whilst wearing a Pepe the Frog button and explaining its purpose (it almost seems that it was a hidden truth that someone didn’t want to go public…) . Hillary Clinton left as far as to say that Trump wanted to usage the Pepe symbol to rally his fanbase of white supremacists on her website (* footnote that she did it one day after 9/11; the date she falung in public- something Pepe-ites believed they helped create): More peculiarity scraped when we found that a group named P.E.P.E. created an album in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty-six called Shadilay on which they depict a frog conducting magic through a wand into a spiral– the symbol for chaos and the evolution of man: several are speedy to also time out that P.E.P.E. stands for Point Emerging Probably Entering; related to concepts of the probability of obtaining dubs or trips on 4chan! Another band in 2010 named Las Pepas released a song called The Frog Pepe– in 2010! Pepe the Frog has had its time in the limelight, but the question survives of how potent a symbol, meme, or sigil include be. Some law that Donald Trump failed it into the White House based on the harnessing of this exact, mysterious knowledge, but can that be true ? … Meme Magick & Predictive Programming Famed heretic Richard Dawkins coined the language “ meme” from the language “memetics. ” He spoken it is the behavioral equal of a gene- or from his one thousand, nine hundred and seventy-six explanation in The egotistic Gene: “ We wish a brand for the recent replicator, a noun that conveys the idea of a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation. ‘ Mimeme’ finds from a unsuitable Greek root, but I want a monosyllable that sounds a piece like ‘gene’. I hope my classicist friends will forgive me if I abbreviate mimeme to meme. If it is any consolation, it could alternatively be thought of as being related to ‘memory’, or to the French phrase même. It should be pronounced to meter with ‘cream’.” believed Dawkins’ horizon as an evolutionary biologist, the term “meme” is proper since we all witness the “evolution” of a meme as it takes on various forms. gathered Dawkins about how this biological period morphed into the realm of the Internet and he supported its interpretation: The reason is not that far away from the original. It’s anything that goes viral. In the earliest orientation to the word meme in the final chapter of The Selfish Gene, I did actually use the metaphor of a virus. So when anybody talks about something going viral on the internet, that is exactly what a meme is and it looks as though the word has been appropriated for a subset of that. So now that we see the cultural impact and infectious nature of memes, let’s progress into the second topic- Meme Magic. In this excerpt I’ll be referencing it as Meme “Magick” with a ‘k’ (since Aleister Crowley defined magick with a ‘k’ as a differentiation from stage magic with a ‘c’). We’re referring to the idea that reality can be shaped through the mind. More specifically- the will and intent of a magician or groups of magicians. In this analogy, the magicians are Internet users and the meme is the projection of the will, or at least the symbol of it. The suggestion of meme magick plays into concepts of a collective oblivious recalled forth from Carl Jung, or Sigmund Freud’s archaic remnants. The concept that there is an impalpable sort of energy (or even entity) that exists in a realm we can all access and feel but can’t quite put our five senses in touch with. As a food note- this is considerable like the current phenomenon of the Mandela Effect where we mostly feel like we recall one version of history/reality; yet it isn’t quite so. One might ask: “ So, what’s the ruin in meme magick? ” Well, substantial like the other inspection into the world of the occult and magick; it depends. Some society use magick for self enhancement while others use it wreak havoc. One could argue that the installment of the “Chaos Candidate” Donald Trump as president is an example. Another horrific type is the case of the Slenderman. This was an Internet meme that led two girls to stab a friend of theirs 19 times in an attempt to sacrifice her to the Slenderman (a meme character with the Illuminati Mark of the Beast). Another belief that plays into this equal line of imagining is that of predictive programming. It’s well known that there were several symbols, messages, and themes that led up to the events of 9/11, the Aurora Batman shootings, and the Sandy Hook shootings. So it seems there could be generator of causing change in the world, according to the will of those that seek it. The knowledge itself shouldn’t be banned- but we should at slightest become wary of its existence and the fact that some people will use it for nefarious purposes… Crowley’s confusion As I enumerated earlier, Kek is the Egyptian deity of chaos. We can explore more of this idea when we look at the original ceremonial magician- Aleister Crowley. The anarchy that Crowley enlisted to in his Gnostic Mass Creed is a reference to the Abyss. To introduce chaos is to beg for the opening of the Abyss and swallowing up all of humanity and its societal rules. What’s nosy here is that during the two thousand and sixteen election, Hillary Clinton got connected into Aleister Crowley when it was revealed through hacked emails that her campaign chairman John Podesta was involved in multiple “strange” activities… For example, Podesta is apparently very interested in UFO disclosure (an occult idea since Crowley channeled the extraterrestrial of Lam, Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian OTO seek to contact alien entities, etc.). He is also fastened into production artist Marina Abramovic because his brother invited him to attend one of her “Spirit Cooking” circumstances in which they expend blood or semen in the name of art. This is the common idea as Crowley’s “Cakes of Light” in his Gnostic Mass. It’s all about the power of charging a sigil with the will of the practitioner. How nosy is it that in two thousand and sixteen the “Chaos” nominee was adopted in, meanwhile we see magick practices that seek to project the internet magicians’ wills into the universe and destroy the norms of society? Did they inadvertently public up the door to the Abyss?… reaching the Dots: Magick, Occultism, Illuminati, & Numerology When you contemplate that Aleister Crowley wrote a textbook called Liber OZ or Liber seventy-seven we can argue that he was curious in the numerological aspects of the number 7. This publication employs the word “ OZ” since “Z” is actually two 7’s (thus generating “dubs”). The 7th cipher is wanted as a god number since it’s the letter “G” which climbs for the grand author of the Freemason compass and square: Inside of Crowley’s Liber seventy-seven we see the trips of 666: Was Crowley nosy in the generator of numerology? You bet he was. The entrance of Liber 77 shows that man is to be god- the magician that creates reality through his own thoughts. The recent adulthood (the Aeon of Horus as Crowley would call it) is a time of magical expression. The fact that 4chan users are projecting meme magick through dubs, trips, numerology, symbolism, etc. only supports this idea. Robert Anton Wilson drew the textbook The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The gaze in the Pyramid in which he failed quite a revealing comment: Since almost everything has been hung in adolescent history, find out what hasn’t been tried (at minimal not on a large scale)- and that will be the condition to which the Illuminati are trying to move the rest of mankind. Capitalism had been tried. Communism had been tried. Even Henry’s George’s particular finance has been tried, in Australia. Fascism, feudalism, and mysticism has been tried. Anarchism has never been tried. Bill Cooper once designated anarchism as a rule of extreme, far-right wing government. This rule is mistaken in that it presumes in no control or limits over man whatsoever. This system wrongfully assumes that man can be in complete control with no laws or repercussions but the truth is that man is flawed, and some of them will become drunk with greed and stomp on the rights of others. (*The real step forward is a balance of right and gone wing attitudes; allowing both parties to struggle towards their false utopias). Although Robert Anton Wilson’s textbook is a fanciful tale, it falls in line with the concept of the Illuminati’s “Evolution of Consciousness.” They perceive that it is their tax to steer humanity down a necessary path at any cost. Even senior nosy is that Wilson’s publication follows similar ideas to the 4chan dubs and trips with its “Law of Fives” (the belief that all things happen in fives) and the twenty-three Enigma. This twenty-three Enigma is socialised with the assumption that it is adequate to the goddess of discordianism and chaos: Eris. In a somewhat ironic turn of events, magickal powers were also used to combat Trump and the will of his followers when Lana Del Rey and others promoted a witchcraft binding spell against him! Here we are in some kind of rotund reasoning. The interaction are as follows: Donald Trump- the “ anarchy Candidate” Pepe’s meme magick and the sigil to chaos Crowley’s Magick practices and reopening up the chaos of the Abyss in this latest Aeon of Horus (*as well as the opposing magick forces of the witchcraft binding ritual) The Illuminati expansion of Consciousness: shoving humankind towards chaos and anarchism Numerology of the twenty-three Enigma and channeling energy to the goddess of Chaos: Eris UPDATE : The “Covfefe” treason I can’t fail this stuff up. It comes that appropriate to that shameful tweet Trump sent out that ended in ‘covfefe’ there is now yet another connection to Pepe. The law is that googling “ 27232626” believes a spy result of a fresh toad (*which I verified as true !) . * Big ups to Ryan for letting me know about this. In culmination The Anti-Defamation League transcribe Pepe as a hate symbol- yet they even tell you it depends upon the context (which begs the question of why they even gave it this attention ? ? ) : However, because so various Pepe the Frog memes are not prejudiced in nature, it is important to analyze use of the meme only in context. The mere matter of staying a Pepe meme does not low that someone is racist or white supremacist. However, if the meme itself is racist or anti-Semitic in nature, or if it appears in a context containing bigoted or offensive language or symbols, then it may have been used for hateful purposes. There is also a bizarre concept of installing the “Illuminati” symbols with those of the nazis. For example- the 666 hand is now being branded as the “White Power” hand, while Pepe is now a frog of hate. The fact is that people who obsess over the Pepe memes don’t actually like Trump- they just like being in the equal tribe (mostly). It’s a generational shift to perpetuate these memes. The Internet is not a place for those that are so literal or dangerous about things. To this culture of Internet users and meme-aholics, the Internet was designed to literally be f*cking with people. If this sounds confusing- just know that this current planet is one of chaos, or discordianism. It’s the nature long-envisioned by Disney’s tales of non-conformity, prescribed by social-norm destroying tales such as Alice in Wonderland. Some memes and ideas that have floated into the Internet are intended to cause disruption and chaos- such as the Ebola conspiracy to claim that white people wanted to spread this disease to other races, and arguably other “fake news” stories. The problem isn’t so much that free speech is being used for nefarious purposes, but rather that its viewers are confused about what they’re looking at and taking the Internet far too literally. The Internet is a world generated from imaginations and seems to be perpetuating illusions; while various people on it seek to confuse the masses who have taken it as a tool for information. Anybody is capable to produce a website and say practically anything they want– how plenty should we trust it?… A “meme” is simply a “ memonic” and it is the common idea as that of the symbol. A care of energy into the collective oblivious or subconscious. Magick is the focus of the mind, Law of Attraction, whatever you wish to call it. They usage Pepe as the hyper sigil- plenty like the followers of Genesis P Orridge’s Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) movement. In fact, they both utilize similar teachings if you link the Discordianism ideas with the deconstruction of social norms (which was one of TOPY’s major focuses). TOPY had different space to which people would focus magick energy through sigils (there were stations with names like “ TOPY CHAOS” and “ TOPY STATION 23”). Both of these sample demonstrate the new age push for chaos magick and pursuing changes to the societal structure. Right or bad is up to you to decide… Thanks for reading! I’ve got a START HERE page in which you can find more resources and get into the IlluminatiWatcher archives with the free email newsletter! -Isaac Website publisher of, author, and confident researcher; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the overseeing line of conspiracy theories surrounding the evasive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way. Isaac has been a emphasized customer on Dave Navarro’s dull Matter Radio,” BLACKOUT Radio, Richard C. Hoagland’s “ Other nature of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The loose Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, VICE, COMPLEX Magazine, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His refreshing countryside and openly accepted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories. 

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