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Which is your favorite Fortnite secret skin? Take a look at our rankings! In Fortnite part one Season 4, Epic included the concept of secret Battle Pass skins. These skins remained encrypted until week 7 of each Battle Pass, and they required players to complete a number of challenges to unlock them. Some of these husk were interesting while others were disappointing. The hunch intensified these emotions, triggering vast complaints about or praise for these skins. Here’s a list of all of the secret Battle Pass skins, ranked from worst to best. 9. A.I.M – Season 6 pointing is, in my opinion, the worst secret husk that Epic has released. There isn’t much to say about this one, other than the fact that it’s incredibly boring. The only preserving gratitude of this skin was the kill-counter back bling. It’s an interesting idea, but no one uses it. A better-looking counter would be much more popular. 8. The expert – Season X The Visitor’s chunky cousin lands near the sole of our rankings as well. The Scientist is decent enough but he’s only a sized-up reskin of the original secret Battle Pass skin: The Visitor. The scholar fits well into the Season X plotline but doesn’t jump off the page when you’re scrolling through your locker. His back bling is modest but his lackluster project and cumbersome size are enough for me to put him at 8. 7. Enforcer – Season 5 The Enforcer skin breaks the middle-ground of our rankings. It’s not the worst secret husk in Fortnite, but it’s far from the best. It’s a relatively boring addition to the game, especially in retrospect. register More: FNCS stealing accusation lead to three Fortnite pros being dropped I recognize being disappointed when I first saw the husk unveiled. At the time, however, it seemed like Enforcer played a huge role in the Fortnite plot. As it turned out, he was only a red herring. Enforcer can be outfitted with some decent back bling options to make him more attractive but isn’t too enticing on his own. 6. Sorana – part two Season one Sorana falls into the ‘relatively boring’ group as well. She doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Fortnite plot and her selectable styles are even less interesting than her base outfit. There isn’t plenty to speak about this one, either. It’s a decent enough skin but isn’t one that many people regularly wear. 5. The tourist – Season four The tourist is the OG secretive Fortnite skin, first delivered in Season 4. The arrival skin is decent, but his presence is the moving force behind everything that we saw in Chapter 1. register More: Fortnite lover guess this detail means a return to the Chapter one map The Visitor holds a specific place in all of our hearts. His gear is a bit basic, but fans were incredibly elated when he first stood out. It’s hard to rank him any poor than 5. 4. jailbird – Season seven The jailbird was the first Fortnite secret skin that given players to unlock several styles by completing in-game challenges. Once you max-out the customizations, this skin is attractive awesome. This one makes it into the top half of our rankings. 3. destruction – Season 8 The destruction was my favorite secret Fortnite skin before Season 9’s Singularity. He’s relatively basic – there aren’t any customization options to him – but he remains one of the best-looking secret skins in Fortnite. The Ruin’s back bling is gorgeous important as well. It fits with many other Battle proceed and Item Shop skins. I perceive cozy putting downfall at number three . That’s exactly where he belongs. 2. particularity – Season nine Epic felled it out of the park with particularity in Season 9. The Fortbytes might have been the most infuriating series of challenges in any game, so Epic had to make the reward worth the grind. They did that in Singularity. The countless customization options admire fantastic. They all see unusual plenty to make you wonder if a player is wearing a different skin. If it weren’t for Deadpool, this would have been an easy number-one selection. 1. Deadpool – part two Season two Is there any other option for number-one? Deadpool was one of the most anticipated Fortnite skins ever to be released into the game. Epic explained us that Deadpool would be coming to the match at the beginning of Chapter two Season 2. Since then, fans were counting down the days until the merc with the mouth finally came to Fortnite. Deadpool has been out for a infrequent weeks, now, and we’ve already seen three several customization options for him – with more that may come in the future. He’s far and away the best secret skin we’ve ever had. This is one writer’s opinion, of course, and fing likely be heavily disputed. fail us know what you think about our judgment in the Twitter replies. You might just difference my mind! 

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