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The 1/3 human eye

Since ancient China, there has been a pronouncing that humans have the third glasses, which has been recorded in non secular ceremonies in the east, and ancient myths in the west and even Egypt. The Indian religion believes that the 0.33 eye of mankind is the organ of the unknown prophet, but it has been sealed, however the historical Greek philosophers notion it used to be the window into which the cosmic strength entered the human body, but what is the real situation?

Medical lookup shows that humans have a 1/3 eye

When the modern-day scientific neighborhood dissected the human body, it was started up to find that the brow phase of the human physique had the whole structure of the eye in the front of the pineal gland, however no eye. Scientists speculated that this used to be a degenerated eye. Humans may additionally have a secret pathway to the pineal gland, a little-known secret transmission of light signals. This is where faith believes that the pineal gland is the mysterious "third eye" of human beings. They agree with that they can be activated by using electricity in the physique thru meditation, meditation, qigong, meditation, etc. It captures invisible mild that is invisible to the naked eye, and can be directly imaged in the mind except passing via the pupil, water lens, and optic nerve.

The Maya and Sanhai recorded that prehistoric humans had three eyes

According to the Mayan prophecy, human beings are divided into 5 photo voltaic periods. The first solar length is the Gendaya civilization. It describes that when this civilization is a superpower civilization, it is about two meters tall. The man has a 0.33 eye, emerald color, feature Each is different. Predictive, lethal... Women don’t have a third eye, so girls are afraid of men.

The third country in the "Shan Hai Jing Overseas Western Classics" is the one with three arms, that is, one arm and three eyes. This is the starting place of the three eyes.

Archaeological facts indicates that three eyes did exist in historical times

In the Red Mountain culture 5000 years ago, the archaeological material of the 1/3 eye of human existence was discovered. Wu Jiacai, an specialist in rock painting research in Inner Mongolia, determined the ruins of crimson mountain subculture rock artwork in Baimiaozi and Xiaofengshan in Wengniute Banner. On some big rocks, the head of the person with the 1/3 eye is engraved on the core of the eyebrow, especially under a rock portray stone with the Big Dipper on it.

One of the most important burial objects in the M4 tomb is a little jade person, and this jade individual has three eyes on his head.

The actual "third eye example"

"Historical Records·Bian Que Biography" documents that the magician Bian Que has the capability to "see the coloration of the 5 interior organs of human beings." He has the eyes of the sky and can see via the human body. This example is also reachable in Russia. According to the document of Pravda in January 2004, a little female in Russia, Natasha, can see thru the inner organs of the human physique and see the diseased parts.

Scientific lookup indicates that the "third eye" has a huge effect

Scientists have these days discovered that blind Mexican fish use the pineal gland to "see" the backyard world. The human eye is simply like the lens of the digicam to center of attention and acquire light, whilst the pineal gland is like the CCD or poor film of the digicam to play the function of proper photosensitive imaging.

The "third eye" of reptiles is very touchy to light waves and magnetic fields, and can also feel ultrasonic waves and infrasound waves. Sunlight is transmitted to the pineal gland thru the frightened system, and the pineal gland orders the secretion of hormones for the duration of the day. Reptiles are therefore very touchy to natural mess ups such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The cells of the pineal gland resemble the pigment cells of the retina and can secrete serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin is secreted at night and has a sedative effect; serotonin is typically secreted for the duration of the day and can stimulate the exercise of the body. These results have been introduced at the International Society of Gerontology in Vancouver, Canada.

Studies have proven that melatonin is additionally a signaling molecule for the alternate of supplies between cells. The pineal gland was called the "energy center" in ancient times, that is, responsible for the everyday operation of human physique functions. Scientists have discovered that when a person dedicates his existence to religion or likes contemplation, the physique undergoes implausible hormonal modifications that make the cranium thin. Is it so convenient for the pineal gland to get hold of power from the universe?

In addition, the pineal gland is immediately related to sexual function, and abstinence can set off its neural channels. Melatonin can curb the sexual characteristic of younger humans and extend the fertility period, thereby extending lifestyles span. This is probably the foremost purpose why magicians and fortune tellers use virgins, virgins or teenagers to help them do things. So, can you understand why mythology requires the cultivation of a child's body.

Professor A. Robin Baker of Manchester University in the United Kingdom discovered that there is a organic magnetic area in front of the pineal gland, which can gather rays and can play the position of scanning images. The pineal gland of the human body is distinctly developed in childhood, but begins to degenerate after 7 years of age. So why many children can see supernatural objects, but adults can't.

From these evidences, it is no longer tough to locate that humans may have a 1/3 eye in ancient times, or that humans must be able to cultivate a 0.33 eye. Taoists additionally known as the pineal gland as Niwanugong, Huang Ting, Kunlun is the palace where the primal spirit (soul) of man lives, the middle of the ninth palace, the talent in the brain, and the core of the core. The Niwanu Palace performs a quintessential function in the life activities of the human physique and is the middle of human life. . Everyone has a pineal gland, and every person can enhance their 0.33 eye through cultivation to return to their unique nature, but they can't blindly pursue the opening of the Tianmu, the Taoism is natural, and the cultivation of a positive degree will only open the Tianmu.
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