Inhabitants of Morelos celebrate the first Catholic mass in a car

After more than four months without ceremonies or alms, the Mexican Catholic Church celebrated the first mass by car this Sunday in the capital of Morelos, a state in the center of the country.

Parishioners parked their vehicles to witness the ceremony after months without this ritual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which accumulates 338 thousand 913 cases and 38 thousand 888 confirmed deaths in Mexico, whose Government prevents massive events in closed spaces.

In this period, the Bishop of the Diocese of Cuernavaca, Ramón Castro, has transmitted the homilies online, but he assured that the pandemic has damaged the pastoral work and the economy of the Catholic Church, for which most of the parishes are "in total bankruptcy".

"We live on the alms that are given in the masses and (with) five months without masses there are already some parishes (that) have had to resort to some solidarity aid because they do not have. Thank God, they did not need to eat to the priests because the people are very generous, ”the Catholic hierarch told Efe.

Difficult moment
The convocation of the Church occurs when there are six parish priests in Morelos, a state south of Mexico City, with Covid-19.

Although the entity has gone from red to orange at the federal government traffic light, state authorities report 3,741 confirmed cases and 604 suspects, in addition to 792 deaths.

The organizers of the mass marked a distance for the parking of 90 cars, but only 33 units arrived, whose passengers cloaked their religious emotions.

The Vicar of the Diocese of Cuernavaca, Roberto Carrasco, framed the religious concentration in a difficult situation for everyone and obviously for Catholic purposes.

"It has also been a very difficult time to see the temples closed, to see that we do not have the mass, the Eucharist, so seeing that in other places this type of stage has been lent to see cinema, we thought 'and why not a celebration with the presence of the lord bishop '?, told Efe.

Meanwhile, the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico affirmed this Sunday in its weekly From the Faith that the Catholic Church is ready to reopen its temples with the verification of the civil authorities.
New normal
The parishioners participated in the mass with modifications when taking the ostia because the "body of Christ" is placed in their hands and they take it to the mouth.

They all wore face masks and some even wore special gloves and masks.

Artemio Bello, one of the attendees, opined that this way of listening to the word of God is something new, but the "new normality", as the gradual return of activities in Mexico is called, must be followed.

María Torres also took her family to mass by car and said she liked the idea.

"I asked him in my heart, that the mass was even in a car, and he granted it to me, and here we are by the grace of God," he said.

Other parishioners, such as the Reyes family, agreed that steps must be taken to continue these ceremonies.

"It is an experience of how we are going to live that situation," said Mrs. Reyes.
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