Navy detects collusion between drug traffickers and customs personnel

Authorities detected the modus operandi, which consists of infiltrating stowaways on ships carrying the drug
These stowaways used by drug trafficking infiltrate the fiscal yards of the ports to from there board ships that transport drugs such as fentalin or cocaine hydrochloride.

The merchandise, which is mixed between the cargo to avoid being detected, is thrown into the sea by these stowaways, and later, already at sea, the stowaways are thrown into the water along with the drug to be rescued by speedboats that can still locate them in In the middle of the night, thanks to GPS devices, reports from Semar and the FGR indicate.

This way of operating was detected in the port of Manzanillo, Colima, when a Danish ship that sailed from Ecuador, called in Panama and was destined for Yokohama, Japan.

The boat docked in the port of Manzanillo, where two employees sneaked into one of the tax yards to board the ship clandestinely waiting for it to set sail.

"Upon leaving the port they would jump into the water (27 meters from the deck to the mirror) in conditions that would allow them to arrive minutes later at the place where they would meet the person who would receive the drug, even with the risks involved in this action. Thanks to the buoy's GPS they would locate them and use boats to pick them up and take them ashore, ”the report by Semar and the FGR point out.

The two company employees who were detained were secured inside one of the tax yards, where they entered in violation of their work schedules.

The authorities began an inspection of the ship with the support of FGR specialized canine narcotics, they detected two bags of black raffia with red and blue flanks that did not correspond to the merchandise being transported (copper scrap), which contained white powder with the characteristics of cocaine hydrochloride.

The Public Ministry calculated that the insured drug could reach a black market value of 28 million 635 thousand 718 pesos. The merchandise was made available to the Public Ministry along with the two detained people.

It is pointed out that Juan “C” and Isidro “Z”, the two detainees, are employees of a company that administers a Fiscal Courtyard in the port of Manzanillo, Colima and have well-defined schedules, which when fulfilled, have to leave the place, however these they did not, they broke one of the padlocks and got on the ship.
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