North America outperforms Asia by gaining dollar millionaires

In 2019, the general condition of all individuals with a capital of $ 1 million or more (High Net Worth Individuals, HNWI) in the world increased by 8.6% ($ 74 trillion), follows from the World Wealth Report 2020, prepared by Capgemini.

The growth rate of the number of dollar millionaires last year amounted to 8.8%. North America became the leader in this indicator, where the number of rich people grew by 10.9% (total, according to 2019, there are 6.3 million such people), for the first time since 2012.

The Middle East took the second place in the ranking, where the growth rate of the number of rich people was 9.3% (800 thousand people in total), the third was the European region (8.7% - growth rates, only 5.2 million people).

In 2019, in North America, the total fortune of dollar millionaires grew by 11% and reached $ 21.7 trillion. For the Middle East, this figure was 10.2% ($ 2.9 trillion). The third place in terms of increasing assets in 2019 was taken by the Asia-Pacific region (7.9%), which continues to lead in terms of global wealth: it accounts for $ 22.2 trillion. The region ranked first in terms of this indicator in 2016.

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