Recognition aircraft TR-3B Astra

Hello everybody,

This has been bothering me for some time, I would like to know if you have heard of it and what you think of it. An urban legend? A shabby propaganda trick? Next generation aircraft / super weapon in the hands of the United States?

An alleged “avionics specialist” named Edgar A. Fouche - former master sergeant (corresponds to the rank of a field sergeant with us), formerly active in Area51,

The tech used for the first prototype is said to date back to the 80s, or rather what was collected and understood until the 80s. At that time it was called the Astra project, then Aurora.

These triangles have been spotted everywhere since the 90s, via Russia, Israel, France, Belgium, England.

In Belgium, April 1990 in the village of Petit-Rechain near Eupen, there were official eyewitnesses to such triangle missiles by police officers who were there. That was the most interesting clue for me to investigate further.

25 years later, one could assume that this technology has been refined and that there may be several pieces of it by now ...

The funding is said to come from black cia and military funds in the United States and is estimated to cost approximately $ 3 billion ($ 3000 million) in unit costs.

In some cases, it is reported that it was not an antigrav vehicle, but an under-light speed - space curvature vehicle (a kind of warp drive?).

According to Edgar Fouche, the TR-3B can generate an intense magnetic field, which should then reduce its own weight by 89%. Operable with a crew of at least 4 people.

He further claims: The TR-3B actually has no antigrav / propulsion system.
Instead, it uses the Biefeld-Brown effect to reduce its own weight, so that a Scramjet drive can then enable these insane speeds.

In some videos it looks to me as if the parts are somehow spinning and slowly turning around when they fly very slowly or are in the air.
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