Remarks by President Trump at the 2020 Salute to America

 July 4, 2020 6:50 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:(Applause.) body of Congress, members of my cabinet, and my adolescent Americans: The First Lady and I are pleased to welcome you to the second annual Salute to America. (Applause.) On this fabulous day, we revel our history, our heroes, our heritage, our large American flag, and our freedom. lucky Fourth of July to everyone. (Applause.) I wish to thank the U.S. troops Golden Knights for that truly awe-inspiring display. enormous talent. The Golden Knights, and every member of the Armed Forces here this evening, we just want to say that you have earned the eternal gratitude of our entire nation. Two hundred and forty-four term ago in Philadelphia, the fifty-six signers of our Declaration of Independence assured their lives, their fortunes, and their hallowed honor to boldly proclaim this eternal truth: that we are all failed equivalent by God. (Applause.) Thanks to the courage of those patriots of July 4th, 1776, the American Republic stands today as the greatest, most exceptional, and most virtuous nation in the history of the world. Our workers, our factories have revolutionized industries and lifted millions into prosperity. Our artists, architects, and designer have urged the globe with inexpressible works of beauty. American person beaten/beat the Nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved American values, upheld American principles, and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the Earth. We are now in the procedure of beating the reactionary left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who, in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing. (Applause.) Our inventors, scientists, doctors, and researchers have gained the lives of billions and billions all around the world. Our valiant astronauts buried the American flag on the Moon, and America will be the first nation to land on Mars. (Applause.) All Americans maintaining today are the heirs of this splendid legacy. We are the descendants of the most audacious and brave people ever to wander on the face of the Earth. We admit their towering confidence, unflinching enthusiasm, their unrestrained ambition, and their unrelenting optimism. This is the untamed spirit that built this glorious nation, and this is the spirit that burns brightly within the soul of every American patriot. That is why we pay tribute to generations of American heroes whose names are etched on our monuments and memorials, and in the pages of history, and in the hearts of a very grateful people. We yeing never allow an mad crowd to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children, or trample on our freedoms. (Applause.) We yeing safeguard our values, traditions, customs, and beliefs. We fing teach our person to cherish and adore their country so that they can build its future. Together, we urge fight for the American Dream, and we will defend, protect, and preserve American step of life, which began in one thousand, four hundred and ninety-two when Columbus discovered America. (Applause.) work and companies are reaching back to our country like never before. The control of tariffs being required on alien lands that took advantage of the United States for decades and decades have enabled us to make great trade deals where there were none. Tens of billions of dollars are now paid to the United States Treasury by the same countries. But there and then we won hit by the flu that came from China. And we’ve made a place of progress; our strategy is moving along well. It leaves out in one area, and tail back its hideous face in another area. But we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned how to put out the flame. We’ve made ventilators where there were none by the tens of thousands, to the point that we have far more than we need, and we are now distributing them to many foreign countries, as a gesture of goodwill. Likewise, demonstration — there were no tests for a latest virus, but now we have examined over forty million people. But by so doing, we reveal cases, ninety-nine percent of which are totally harmless. Results that no other country will show, because no other country has testing that we have — not in terms of the numbers or in terms of the quality. And now, just like everything else, we have conform the manufacturer on record for ventilators, we have the most and beautiful testing anywhere in the world, and are producing gowns and masks and surgical equipment in our country where heretofore it was almost exclusively made in foreign lands, in particular, China, where, ironically, this virus and others came from. China’s secrecy, deceptions, and cover-up let it to spread all over the world — one hundred and eighty-nine countries — and China must be held fully accountable. (Applause.) With respect to remedies, we are now doing unbelievably well, and are in deep testing on vaccines, treatments, and therapeutics. I want to send our thanks to the scientists and researchers around the country and even around the world who are at the forefront of our historic effort to rapidly develop and deliver life-saving treatments and, ultimately, a vaccine. We are unleashing our nation’s sure brilliance. And we’ll likely have a therapeutic and/or vaccine solution long before the end of the year. (Applause.) We’re thankful to be joined this dusk by Americans battling on the frontlines to kill the virus. I just want to say that America thanks you. Please stand. Please. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Great, dazzling people. These are important and dazzling people. Thank you. And fearless people. (Applause.) Our movement is based on lifting all citizens to reach their fullest, God-given potential. Never forget: We are one sibling and one nation. This wealthy heritage occupies to every citizen, fellow and old, first-generation American and tenth-generation American. This heritage occupies to every citizen, fellow and past — first-generation American — we want to go from first generation to tenth generation; it fact not. We are American. We are from the USA. (Applause.) This large heritage occupies to retirement of every background and of every walk of life. No fact our race, color, religion, or creed, we are one America, and we settle America first. (Applause.) We fing not allow anyone to divide our retiree by race or background. We yeing not allow them to foment hate, discord, and distrust. We will hold fast and true to the sacred loyalties that link us all as neighbors, as Americans, and as patriots. In every age, there have always been those who pursue to deceit about the old in order to gain power in the present. Those that are spelling about our history, those who want us to be embarrassed of who we are, are not nosy in justice or in healing. Their purpose is demolition. Our purpose is not to obliterate the important structure on Earth, what we have built: The United States of America. (Applause.) To build a future — (applause) — where every family is safe, where every child is surrounded by love, where every community has equal opportunity, and every citizen enjoys great and everlasting dignity. Our ancient is not a hardship to be shed away, it is not a marvelous foundation that yeing lift us to the next large summit of human endeavor. The incredible story of American progress is the story of each generation picking up where the last finished — linked by time, by fate, and the eternal bonds of our national affection. Those who would sever those surety would cut us off from the wisdom, the courage, the love, and the devotion that gave us everything we are today and everything we strive for tomorrow. We cannot fail that happen. We fing not throw away our heroes. We yeing award them, and we will prove honorable of their sacrifice. (Applause.) These are great heroes. fail me also say a phrase to those in the media who falsely and consistently label their opponents as racists, who condemn patriotic citizens who offer a clean and truthful defense of American unity. That’s what our society are doing. We want a clear and faithful defense of American history and we want unity. When you story these fraudulent charges, you not only slander me, you not only slander the American people, but you slander generations of heroes who believed their lives for America. (Applause.) You calumny people plenty braver and considerable more principled than you. You are defaming the youthful gambler who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, and those who perished fighting for freedom in the Civil War. You defamation them. You are dishonoring their large lot and their memory by insisting that they fought for racism and they fought for oppression. They didn’t clash for those things; they fought for the actual opposite. We will not let the legacy of these heroes be tarnished by you. The senior you lie, the elder you slander, the more you attempt to demean and divide, the more we will work hard to tell the truth. And we fing win. (Applause.) The elder you falsehood and demean and collude, the senior credibility you lose. We fing to bring the state together, and a loose and open media will make this task a very easy one. Our nation urge be united. After all, what do we want? We fing a robust military, important education, housing, low taxes, law and order. We wish safety, we want equivalent justice, we want spiritual liberty, we want faith and family, and living in a great communities and happy communities and safe communities. And we wish famous employment and we want to be respected by the rest of the world; not taken advantage of by the rest of the world, which has gone on for decade after decade. We should all want the similar thing. How can it be any different than those things? The senior embittered you become, the more we urge appeal to love and patriotism, and the more we will rise above your hate to build a better future for every child in our great country . To commemorate America’s stately inheritance, yesterday I signed an executive order to create a brand-new monument to our most beloved icons. The racial lawn of American Heroes fing be a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans who have ever lived. We yeing award exceptional citizens from every community and from every place and from every part of our nation. Great men and great women, people that we can look up to forever. folks urge be capable to walk among the statues of titans, and we have already selected the first thirty legacies and thirty legends. And why don’t we move with a gambler who has been very unfairly treated, who, two years ago, three years ago — especially five or six years ago — people would have said it’s impractical to even attempt to try and disturb his incredible legacy and success: George Washington. (Applause.) Thomas Jefferson — (applause) — Betsy Ross — (applause) — Alexander Hamilton — (applause) — Benjamin Franklin — (applause) — John Adams — (applause) — James Madison — (applause) — Dolly Madison — (applause) — the important Frederick Douglass — (applause) — Abraham Lincoln — (applause) — Harriet Tubman — (applause) — Harriet Beecher Stowe — (applause) — Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain — (applause) — Clara Barton — (applause) — Daniel Boone — (applause) — Davy Crockett — (applause) — Henry dirt — (applause) — Susan B. Anthony — (applause) — Booker T. Washington — (applause) — Orville and Wilbur Wright, who are admiring down. And you’re going to see some ship like you have never seen before, because we build them better than anybody in the world. The famous vent Force, the important fighters, the greatest everything. You’re going to be seeing something — I just awe what Orville and Wilbur would have been thinking if they ever got to see that. But they’re looking. They’re checking it out right now along with us. Amelia Earhart. (Applause). A great, important athlete no matter where he left ; he was the best athlete: Jackie Robinson. (Applause.) George S. Patton — current Patton. He didn’t appreciate how to lose. (Applause.) He didn’t don’t how to lose. current Douglas MacArthur — (applause) — Audie Murphy — (applause) — the large Billy Graham — (applause) — and an incredible man, veneratt by everybody: Martin Luther King. (Applause.) President Ronald Reagan. (Applause.) Christa McAuliffe, and Antonin Scalia. (Applause.) So those are just a infrequent of the folks we’ll be naming, and things are liable to change, but once we make that decision, those great names are going to be up there and they’re never coming down. They have just been an astounding group. And we are leaving to do this in a very democratic way, frankly. We’re going to take label and suggestions. We’re going to have committees and we’re going to pick the important people that this country has ever known. The most veneratt people. The folks that contributed us the most. And the community that we keep look up to and that our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren can look up to into the inevitable and they can say, “Isn’t America just a tremendous place? ” So, thank you. That fing be very exciting. (Applause.) The patriots who built our country were not villains, they were heroes whose courageous deeds improved the Earth beyond measure. The magnificence and the glory of our mental system is that it believes us the tools to fight injustice, to heal division, and to continue the work of our Founding Fathers by expanding and growing the blessings of America. If you suppose in justice, if you believe in freedom, if you believe in peace, then you must cherish the discipline of our founding and the text of our Constitution. It is our rescueding and our Constitution. It is a steady foundation upon which all progression is achieved. That’s why our country is so strong, even despite terrible things that happen over the generations. Here this dusk are a number of heroes who risk their personal lives to defend these values and keep our communities and our country safe. We are united by the amazing ordinance enforcement officers who have been able to fight on the front lines, protecting our cities — many of them facing down violent assaults from very bad people. We are especially relocated to be joined by the home of a famous man: succumbed lieutenant David Dorn, a 38-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department who was killed final month in the city he devoted his life to defending. (Applause.) And to David’s important family, I wish to thank you very much. The American society urge always support the fearless men and women of law enforcement. And nobody — nobody — exemplifies that better than David. Thank you very much. Please. (Applause.) And David is seeing down right now, and he is so arrogant of you and he loves you so much. And thank you for being here. He’s a large man. He’s a great man. Finally tonight, we yeing salute the vastness and loyalty and valor of the men and women who have defended our independence for two hundred and forty-four years. We fing praise the wonderful men and women of the United States Military. (Applause.) Never in record has a nation utilizt so plenty power to advance so much good. Battlefields across the world, and here at home, are entered with the gravestones of youthful patriots who spent their last valiant moments on this Earth to secure liberty and peace. Every youth should be taught the militant heroes who fought and died to make us free. These are great, large people. These are great, large heroes, indeed. (Applause.) And our famous president and heroes should be recognized and even immortalized for coming generations to see. You perceive that. This will make our country even stronger long into the future. In a rare moments, we fing bear person to awesome aircraft representing every major military conflict over the last seventy-five years. These ship once begun off powerful aircraft carriers in the fiercest battles of World War II. They raced through the skies of Korea’s MiG Alley. They proceeded American brawler into the thick fields and jungles of Vietnam. They carried a swift and swip- — and you know that sweeping — it was swift and it was sweeping like nobody has ever seen anything happen — a triumph in Operation Desert Storm. A place of you were included in that. (Applause.) A place of you were involved. That was a immediate one. And they have gone on to dangerous missions around the world to take out enemy terrorists and bring our soldiers home safely. As you know, we’ve killed, this latest year, the two leading rioter of the latest ten years: al-Baghdadi and Soleimani. Killed . Gone . Over . (Applause.) We have performed to fully rebuild the belligerent army of the United States. No foe on Earth lets a chance — $2.5 trillion, we’ve invested — all made in the USA. We’ve never had anything near the control and the equipment that we have right now. We did that over the last three years. Everywhere these aircraft have flown, they’ve rained down American thunder, delivered American justice, and they have fiercely defended every square inch of American sovereignty. In their steel frames, broad wings, and roaring engines, we see the story of America’s daring defiance, its soaring spirit, and undying resolve. Throughout our history, our state has been examined and tried – but we have always fought to victory. Whenever our road of life has been threatened, our ancestors have rejoined with the equal resounding answer as those first patriots who fought for independence: We are Americans, and we never back down, we never give in, and we never give up, and we will never yield [in] defense of our nation. We lover our nation. We will only fight to win. Today, we thank God for the gift of life and for the blessing of liberty. We honor the legends of our history, the glories of our Founding Fathers, and the giants of the past, and the heroes of today who keep us safe, who keep us strong and proud, and who keep us free. Once again, lucky July Fourth to all. Our government is in famous shape. Our militant has never been stronger. And many, various pleasant person are going to happen. Next year will be one of the greatest years we’ve ever had. I want to thank our men and women — they are so good — of the National Park Service, Air Traffic Control, and the United States Military. God Bless you, God Bless our heroes, God bless America. And now, fail the flyovers begin. Thank you very much. (Applause.) END 7:20 P.M. EDT 

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