Shooting leaves 14 wounded and 60 bullet casings south of Chicago

Shooting leaves 14 wounded and 60 bullet casings south of Chicago

CHICAGO, Ill.- A shooting incident left 14 wounded and 60 casings this afternoon at the intersection of 79th and Carpenter streets, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, according to the Chicago police.
Preliminary information indicates that the mass shooting occurred in the vicinity of a funeral home, without further details at the moment.

Witnesses cite that many wounded were taken in private cars to nearby hospitals, where they were reportedly admitted to the emergency room.

Rescuers from Battalion 19 of the fire department activated a level II emergency plan, summoning numerous ambulances to the scene.

Police said the occupants of the car fled in different directions after the accident. A person of interest is currently being interviewed, according to police.

The number of shooters involved is currently unknown, and it is not known if anyone in the vehicle was shot.

Police said 14 people were transferred to five different hospitals with gunshot wounds.

Authorities also said they counted 60 caps at the scene. No further details on the victims or suspects have been released.

An investigation is underway by the police, and officials are asking for videos or advice from the community to help identify the suspects.

This is a developing story, come back later for more information.
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