The 100 TV Show Review

Between Arrow, The Flash and the enduring recognition of Supernatural, The CW is killing it lately. So do not make the mistake of overlooking The 100, a dystopian future sci-fi sequence tailored from a famous younger grownup nov— wait, stop. Please, do not leave!

Yes, dystopian hellscapes are all the rage in fiction these days — however The a hundred is some distance from being a worn-out take. It's acquired profitable matters to say, and it does so deftly, with lots of seat-edging tension. This is a collection that often zigs when you assume it to zag. You would possibly sigh a bit when characters break out not possible demise eventualities on a per-episode basis, however these moments usually serve the story.

It's now not an empty planet that greets the 100's arrival. Humans have lived on there in more than a few forms. A team referred to as the Grounders constructed up an immunity to the lingering radiation — an only-the-strong-survive situation — and reverted to a rudimentary tribal existence. Reapers, meanwhile, fled underground for unknown reasons, hinging their survival on cannibalism.

Another crew managed to trip out the apocalypse in a hermetically sealed bunker, preserving the phantasm of their ancient lives however at the rate of acclimatizing their our bodies to a post-nuclear world. They're the Mountain Men. You'll get there. Crawl earlier than you walk.

In The 100, the Earth-dwelling stays of humanity have carved out their very own small factions. The show's divulge of these mini-societies and how all the portions in shape collectively is very gradual, to the factor that necessary questions are nevertheless unanswered as Season three looms. The a hundred "Sky People" from the Ark are our window into this world, which means we examine what they research as it happens.

There are some similarities to Lost in the way that revelations regarding the wider world are doled out. (Plus, there is a mysterious smoke cloud.) But The one hundred is tons extra approaching than ABC's mystery, and a good deal bigger, too. The Sky People are not caught on an island. They're hemmed in by way of risks on all sides, however the world is theirs to explore.

The first season installed a bizarre geopolitical panorama in the place surrounding the Ark's dropship touchdown site. The 2nd season then blew the doorways open by means of laying out the connective tissue that ties collectively the whole thing we have come to know. There was once a large decision and divulge to cap matters off, leaving the 1/3 season to push out the boundaries of our regarded world as it introduces a new threat.

In short: The one hundred is a very large story, however it occurs at such a natural, unhurried tempo that you will make investments deeply besides realizing it.

So many popular tv suggests fall into this trap: an in any other case amazing premise is ruined when the ongoing story clutches it too tightly. Weeks go by, however nothing happens.

The one hundred avoids that. This is a exhibit that has momentum, in spite of its at once hook-y beginning point: Almost a century from now, nuclear conflict has left the planet Earth in ruins, prompting humanity — the handful of lots that survived, anyway — to flee for the stars. Our new domestic is the Ark, an amalgamation of house stations that have been strung collectively into an giant Frankenstein's monster of an orbital residing space.

There's simply one problem. The Ark used to be in no way intended to be a everlasting solution. Even with humanity's numbers whittled down, all these years spent in orbit have left breathable air in quick supply. The Earth is believed to be unlivable, however no one is aware of for sure. So the Ark's powers-that-be hatch a plan: Instead shopping for a few extra months of air with a managed "culling" of the population, a crew of a hundred juvenile convicts is despatched planetside in the station's final purposeful dropship.

The one hundred land, and miraculously live on (there would not be lots of a exhibit if they didn't). A Lord of the Flies type of vibe rapidly develops as the series of younger criminals — from petty thieves to murderers to wrongfully imprisoned freedom combatants — stumbles through, organising a hierarchy and rudimentary society.

All of this vitally essential setup occurs in the show's first episode. We have not even gotten to the Grounders or the Reapers yet. 
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