The Cervantino In ternational Festival will be digital

GUANAJUATO.- (OEM-Informex) .- The Organizing Committee of the Cervantino International Festival (COFIC) agreed, by unanimous decision, that the 48th edition of the FIC will be held in digital format, from October 14 to 18, to protect the integrity of the public, artists and collaborators.

That is, it will last only five days when in all previous editions it lasted two and a half weeks. This, according to the measures of the health authority and under the premise of privileging the life and health of people.

For this reason, in its 48th edition, the festival will bet on a new format to adapt to the new condition derived from the presence of Covid-19 and will seek to generate new cultural experiences through digital and remote means to be close to the public.

“The pandemic experienced on a global scale opened new opportunities to explore formats adapted to our reality; not only to transfer cultural expressions to the screen, but to adjust digital resources to the needs of artistic expressions and their creators, ”says Mariana Aymerich OrdoƱez, general director of the Cervantino International Festival in a press release.

The press release states that, for five days, the public will be able to enjoy artistic presentations in digital formats, as well as conferences, workshops and master classes with the quality that has always characterized this cultural celebration.

More than four decades after its creation, the FIC seeks to connect with the audience beyond the classroom with content that incorporates technological resources without breaking with the tradition of this festival. An opening to new creative readings that extend Cervantes' narrative paging to digital platforms.


Cuba and Coahuila, guests of honor proposed for this edition, will be part of this meeting until edition 49, an occasion in which both will offer a cultural offer representative of their region, the statement said.

According to what was signed by the Ministry of Culture in the institutional collaboration agreement signed in 2019 with the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State, through the Directorate of Channel 14, Channel Once, Channel 22 and the Guanajuato Television Unit (Tv4), the Cervantino International Festival will be broadcast on open television, social networks, the internet and digital platforms of the federal and local public media; All content hosted on the website, the mobile application and the Contigo en la Distancia platform with you at the will be accessible from anywhere in the world.
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