The new steam engine

New project to run boats on stream engines
The steam engine has a tube-shaped liquid container, heating and cooling devices are provided in the heating and cooling parts of the liquid container, respectively, and the output device is connected to the liquid container so that the output device operates through a change in liquid pressure in the liquid container to generate electricity.

Introduction to Steam Engine
In this steam engine, the inner radius "r1" of the cooling part is made to be nearly equal to the depth "δ1" of heat penetration (at low pressure), which is calculated by the following formula (1): ∴...(1), where "a1" It is the thermal diffusivity of the working fluid at its low pressure, and "ω" is the angular frequency of the working fluid movement.

This is a new piston steam engine called Green Steam Engine. It is a highly efficient, economical, and simple-built drive designed specifically for stationary and navigation applications. This steam engine has already obtained the US patent, the number is 6647813.
Driving a ship, a generator, an air pump, a water pump, a heat blower, a water distiller, a heat pump, an air conditioner, a model airplane, etc... Any engine that uses fuel to emit excess heat can somehow, The excess heat energy is converted into steam, which in turn drives the Green steam engine. Due to its light weight and compact structure, this Green steam engine can be used in many places.

Green steam engine with super high efficiency and strange shape
The most revolutionary improvement of this Green engine is that it transforms the reciprocating motion of the traditional engine into a rotary motion, which greatly simplifies the piston engine. As you can see in the picture, a full-size engine of this type weighs only 5 pounds (excluding the flywheel), but can generate enough power to drive a boat or a generator.
Steam engines have many advantages, such as less pollution, quieter operation, higher torque at low speeds, no transmission requirements, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs. In addition to the above, the Green Steam Engine has the following unique features:
· Very low steam pressure and small steam volume are required for operation

This Green engine can drive a small boat
· Low cost
· Almost no lubricant needed
· Can be disassembled/installed in a few minutes
· Ultra light weight
· Very few moving parts
· The requirements of the steam boiler are negligible
· Can work in any position like an electric motor
· Small size, save space
· Configuration can be changed according to demand
· Use materials and methods that have not been applied to steam engines before
· Highly flexible, simple and elegant
Rotating crank device
The patented rotating crank device was invented by Robert Green. This original design frees the engine from the lubrication and precision machining requirements of traditional crankshafts and cams. It also provides a unique configuration method: the direction of the cylinder and the spindle are consistent. Therefore, a compact, light-weight and small-sized engine can be built.

Green Engine
The operation of the piston and the valve has been through a short flexible shaft. Since this flexible shaft is fixed and cannot rotate, the piston rod and the valve push rod are also fixed in position when reciprocating. The cylinder is floating and connected with the rotating ball at the bottom. This reduces the structure and weight of a typical engine.
Power and speed
This multi-purpose engine can be used in many small applications, such as model airplanes and trains. It can also be used in air conditioning and refrigeration pumps, and air circulation systems. It can be driven by air or water vapor and uses a compact design that fits exactly into a tube.

Can produce amazing power and speed
This schematic on the left shows how to generate 24 gallons of water vapor per day. This hot water can be produced at low heat through a common household pressure cooker. This model steam engine system can produce 4-20 psi steam.

Small direct drive or belt drive generator
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